Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello to you who is still visiting my blog.

I know i said that i probably wont post till the 9th of May, but i really cant resist. The books are right in front ofme, but the com is on, and my brain is somewhere else, building sandcastles in the air.

Anyway, there is only 4 more papers to go, so jiayou, we can all do it. =)
For some reason, everyone is saying that the midyears are passing really quickly. Which can be both a good and a bad thing i suppose. Good, cos we all do not need to endure this rubbish much longer, bad, cos for those who are trying to do a last ditch attempt to cram the stuff into thier head.

Amath exam. Lol. GG already lor. I'll be glad if i can get a C5-B4 for it. =.=
majority of the ppl are like saying 'amath gone liao' after the exam. If only amath was like emath la. If only... haha. I guess that will never happen.

Walked to tampines library with you ming and teck li after the paper to study. We actually walked la. From 201 walk all the way to library leh. And the time was like 12 noon la. With the sun in the sky, so u can guess how hot it was. Luckily got honeydew sago to cool me down. lol

Found out that when u want to study with teck li, u should make sure that he has something to study. If not he will be dam distracting. Distract me until no mood to study sia. In the end, i gave up and went to read a book about atoms, neutrinos, positrons and quarks. Really interesting, so i finished it quite fast. But got no other nice books liao, so went to try to study again. Didnt accomplish much in the end.

Then went to century square to get some stuff, then walked back home again, also with you ming and teck li. And teck li was complaining that he was dam hungry. And his stomach was cramping. Lol, i didnt know a stomach will cramp if ur hungry. I know a leg can cramp from not warming up before exercise, and ur pinky will cramp if u arm wrestle too much (learned this from marcus when he arm wrestled me. He gave up cos his pinky started cramping. lol), but never a stomach will cramp if ur too hungry. He like dying already la wth. i tell him better not faint halfway, if not gotta drag him home. Worse still, i dunno whr his home is, and neither does you ming. So whr to drag him if he faints? Ans: Leave him by the roadside and walk off. Lol jk la. I not so heartless. Maybe I'll call his home or something then ask his family member go fetch him home.

Why did Murrey Gell-Mann name the quarks as up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom?

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