Monday, April 7, 2008

Yooooo ppl. Not a bad day today even though we had to sit through some talk about safety and manners on buses by SBS. Speaking of SBS, i just remembered that i needed to top-up my school smartcard (thats the proper name for EZ-link card according to the speaker. See, i listen hor, although its boring)

And and and Mrs Pong gotta go for Wushu competition today, so no Amath lesson and Amath EPP! Whoo! But, seeing that i am a good boy, i completed the class assignment that we were supposed to do. First time i managed to complete an Amath assignment in an hour (shows that i AM improving. Muahaha. xD).

Since i have dedicated myself to start my revision (and pay more attn in class) this week in preparation for the O's, i actually paid attention during english today. Even though i still dun understand much about expositions, but hey, at least i made an effort right? Even Jon paid attention sia. We are all good students =D.
Half way through English, Teckyang suddenly asked Ms zahra for her age. Then everyone went quiet for a moment there, waiting for her reaction, then burst into laughter. Random sia.

After English, Jon also decided to be random by taking a paper box, draw a face on it, and walk around the class with the box on his head. And when Teckyang took it to play with, Ms zahra actually dared him to walk around the corridor with that thing on. Too bad he only walked down a small stretch of the corridor instead of around the whole 4th floor of the block. He erally look dam idiotic with that thing on. Then again, he does idiotic things all the time, so yeah..

I find chinese lesson quite enjoyable actually, and its actually cos of the teacher. And take note, its cos of the teacher, and not his teachings. Spent the last quater of the lesson playing battleships with lawton while zu an and chester played hangman and tic tac toe throughout the whole lesson. lols

Thought of the day: Jon believes that he can fly..

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