Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another wednesday came and gone.
See the days on the calander pass at a breakneck pace. Soon, the exams will be upon them and they would be up to their necks in revision notes and practice papers, with neither the space nor time for a breather. But through it all, the aim is simple; to get into their dream institutions in hope of better education followed by a future where all doors are open, leaving them spoilt for choices.

Lol, so drama sia. xD

Haha. Once again, its even week wednesday! One of the best days of the two weeks as it has only 2 lessons! Had tha actual chem SPA this morning and i half-screwed it up. Sian lor. Dun want talk about it liao. But at least its only half screwed up instead of fully screwed up la. zzz

Realised today that i should never ever touch sylvia's things again. Everytime i touch her stuff, it either get spoilt, or goes missing. Now i gotta buy her a new pencil after having just bought her a pen just 2 weeks ago. -.-

The class was making one hell of a ruckus during Emath lesson. I think we seriously pissed Mrs Pong off la. She is a really nice teacher, but sometimes, certain ppl in our class really go too far. Wish that i had chosen triple science in my subject combination instead of double science. r1 definitely have a more conducive enviroment then this class.
Anyway, too late for regrets now. Can only hope that the class will shut up when the deadline for the O's are closer.

Lesson of the day: Never touch sylvia's stationery. Its cursed.

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