Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think i am beginning to like DnT more and more. Mr Ong damn nice la, like always let us off early. But for once, i didnt want to go early, because i got my workpiece to complete and all that. And when i start planning ahead, time seems to be on such short supply, with only less than one and a half week left before mid year exams, and approximately 6 months before the big thing. I should start to mug now.

Anyway, 6 months arent really that long. At the rate at which things are proceeding now, 6 months could be gone in a flash. So many things, so little time. There is one big thing which i need to do, and i want to do it soon. But the earliest time which it can be done is after the O's, because if i do it any time before it, it would seriously distract me from my work. And like, really seriously. So i shall wait 6 months, after all, 6 months arent really that long.

Okok, back to the present la. English today was the best. Wrote a eulogy for Yang Teck. Apparently, he kicked the bucket while playing chinese chess at night. Damn funny when we were writing it sia. And Chester and Gwen are down there laughing like dogs and the rest of us were laughing at them laughing.Wad a joke sia. haha. You all should have seen Chester la, laugh until his whole face red. Like seriously la. lol

And during chinese, Lawton, Chester and me planned to take turns asking Mr Fong to enlarge the font size. I mean, its like miniscule. I wonder if he thinks that we have bionic eyes or something. Maybe that rest of the class arent asking to magnify the words because they arent listening anyway. Lol. But from today on, i shall start paying lots and lots of attention instead of the usual lots of attention in his class. Why? Because the sky so high, the bird shit in your eye. Haha, jkjk. Its because i want to get ace my chinese O's this june so i can throw it aside and concentrate on the rest of the subjects like Amath.

Thought of the day: If sombody smiles when things get screwed up, it means that he has thought of someone to blame it on. Lol

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