Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, today sure was one of the more interesting days of the year.
Had to wake up at 5.30 to report to Jurong East to do CIP for Red Cross (Photos of flag day. Yeah, they wanted press coverage, so they asked us.. Press coverage leh..) 

Actually, half the day went by with me only taking around 5 photos thanks to my (wrongly chosen) lenses: 50mm prime and 10-22 ultra wide angle. I mean, if you wanna take shots of ppl outdoors, you better have at least a short range telephoto lens ready. 3 quarters of the people ran away before i got close enough to get a decent photo. And if you add in the distortion caused by the 10-22, photos=rubbish.

I actually got mistaken for a stalker by 2 women at Chinatown when i was following this bunch of girls around. I mean, wth man, i don't stalk. And anyway, wad kind of a stalker uses a wide angle to stalk? A mid to long range telephoto would be more appropriate. =.=

The cool bit of the day happened when Edmund Chen came around and helped out for like 40mins or so. For that period of time, i felt like a reporter. In the end, i decided that perhaps photojournalism isnt as bad as i initially  thought it would be. 

Ohoh, when the whole thing ended, i went to join the bowling ppl (who were coincidentally helping out RC as well) at plaza sing. While slacking around and complaining about aching foots, this bunch of ppl from HPB came over and asked us to play a game of tin can soccer as part of an awareness program to make ppl keep fit in creative ways. Yup, we're asked to play with a crushed tin can in the middle of the town area with a whole bunch of onlookers in school uniform. Wad made us gave in was the offer of a pair of free movie tickets for each person that played. 
That made jessie go: EH! Got free movie ticket leh! PLAY LEH!
While the rest of us was like: lolwut.. o.0

In the end, we did get our free movie tickets, and everyone went back happy. The end. 
Sorry if this post sounds disjointed. My legs are dead form walking around with a heavy bag for 12 hours, and so is my brain, from waking up at 5.30am on a weekend. 

P.S. I've got a pair of free movie tickets. Any takers? My treat. xD

Ragh, i'll upload the pictures next time..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My life

When days blur into weeks and weeks dissolve into months..

When you feel very mentally stretched..

When your schedule looks like this..
[Morning: Wake up, eat breakfast, mug.
Afternoon: Eat lunch, mug
Night:  Eat dinner, rest for 5 mins, mug, wash up, sleep] x200 days

Welcome to JC2.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just watched Wolfman with OGMs
The Last Airbender is another must-watch for this year. I repeat, its a must-watch. I can only hope that the movie turns out as nice as the cartoon.

I still want my Percy Jackson! =.=

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grab or release?

Rethinking my Decisions.

This is only reserved for the important things which have the potential to affect my life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Is it gone, or is it there?
I think i am neither here nor there.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just let go of it all.
Doesn't sound too hard, does it?

Nothing very important

1) I'm still kinda behind on work
2) I'm starting to love prime lenses
3) Carrying Sigma 70-200mm, Canon 24-70mm f2.8, Canon 5D Mk I and Speedlite 580EX II in a single bag is pure NAPFA training.
4) I can't view all my photos today cos they are all in RAW format, and the laptop is away.
5) My skin is peeling like nobody's business. =.=

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Is that it? I'm surprised that its over already. It has been so high, so fast, with so much feelings and memories, but over so soon.

But nonetheless, i will not forget it.

Thanks for the memories.

Entry 8

Sunday, February 7, 2010

From a trip to the Botanic Gardens and the Esplanade..

Swan Lake. 
The editing looks really obvious, doesn't it?

Our one and only "Durian"

My personal favourite of the day.

I wanted to upload the HDR. But apparently, its 180mb large since it was shot with Camera RAW, so i gave up.

Edit: Ok, the name isn't supposed to just float there. There's actually a black border around each photo, but the background just so happened to be black as well..

Friday, February 5, 2010

My belongings

So, do i have the whole of something, half of it, or none of it at all?

A test of skill

I feel like going for the SYPA (Singapore Young Photographer's Award).
Time to go shoot. Wish me luck.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Orientation- From an OGL's point of view

Odyssey 2010. For us, it hasn't been an easy journey (pun unintended). Much was sacrificed; Revision time, missing out on lessons and tutorials (for J2, we're talking about a rate of single chapter a week, so multiply that by 3 subjects), as well as sleep. Yes, sleep. Waking up at 5.30a.m. wasn't all that fine and dandy. Sure, the adrenaline rush drowns out the fatigue after a while, but i'm basically living on a high blood sugar level for the past 3 days. Well, at least it was worth it.

Day 1:
Freshmen of Phobos 6 gathered, unsure of everything. Icebreakers went well enough, though towards the end, things started to get boring somewhat due to the (slight) lack of enthusiasm, but i'll shall just assume that its because everyone was unfamiliar with each other. Shortly after was Pirating 101, the event with the objective of bonding together the OGM's and letting them know each other better. Or at least, that was what was supposed to happen. For me, its just a major suntanning session on the tracks from 11 to 4. I swear my skin has never been redder in my life. Towards the end of the day, it is good to see that some of the P6 members are starting to open up to each other. It wasn't much, but its a start.

Day 2:
The day was started by My Meridian Motto, more commonly known as Banner Painting. I am proud to say that P6's banner was simple but impactful. Fanciful details just don't work out with the time constraint and highly limited colours, but nonetheless, we managed to pull it off with a banner conveying the vibrance and energy of the group. Banner Painting was followed by Max Mission Meridian, which is basically sprinting around the island playing games. Cock-ups were aplenty, from screwing up the destination to finding missing game/zone ICs, but perseverance paid off, and everyone is finally starting to get together, especially after lunch. From here, i therefore conclude that a hungry OGM is an unenthusiastic OGM. As an OGL, nothing couldn't have made me happier to see them actually enjoying themselves, and thank the lucky stars that everyone arrived back in MJ safely. 

Day 3:
Clash of the Vikings got everyone wet and happy(?), or maybe that's just me. But hey, at least it feels good in the sizzling weather. At 12.30, halfway through the COV finale, my mood was ruined by an sms from Jansen telling us that we have to take the  Chem test which we missed in an hour's time. Needless to say, all the s303 OGL's were feeling totally mutinous about it, not to mention being absolutely appalled when they first heard it from me. Mr Tan, being Council TA, was totally against our taking the test, with the reason of us having to perform our duties as OGL's. Honestly speaking, that was the first time i've seen him so furious about something. I'm glad i am not on the receiving end of his wrath. After much negotiation from TA's to TA's and finally to the Chem Dept, it turned out that the decision of taking it lies with us. By that time, we're pretty much convinced that pushing it back one more day will not make much of a difference, so we decided to take the test anyway. Can you believe it? We are taking tests during Orientation, when we are supposed to have fun. That has got to be a historical first.
Bad memories aside, the real fun of the entire orientation only started during Finale. Yup, we danced and partied and shouted ourselves hoarse. High was the word for it, and everyone's spirit was sky high. Literally everybody sang, danced and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. It's good to see all of the P6 cheering and jiving to the DJ's beat. The whole college was totally coming alive.
But alas, good things never last, and just several hours after the fun began, it had to end. Of course, nobody wants to leave without memories, so pictures were taken, and we parted soon after.

It has been a great experience to help 25 strangers come together and eventually become familiar and comfortable with each other. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the OGM's integrate themselves into the college and make friends with each other. 

In the end, i daresay that great memories of Orientation in MJC will be that in which i was an OGL, as opposed to that which i was an OGM. I'm not putting Fortitude 2009 down, but rather, relishing the memories and experience of being an OGL.


The P6 OGLs. 
We own.