Friday, May 28, 2010

Lost in the air

Someone take the sidestick away from me, before i crash the plane that is my Life..

I think i seriously need some sound advice..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi ppl, i've removed my tagboard cos i'm fed up with all the ads that are being posted there. Bye

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~$6000 SGD

I love the 7D.
I love the 70-200mm f2.8L

Photography is a rich man's sport

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Photog journey

I was just reading through the "Featured" posts on the Photog blog, when it dawned on me that the upcoming gathering on Saturday would be the last one i would have as a member. This made me reflect on how far I've come as a member of Photography > MJC.

The Beginning
Somewhere around late February 2009, i walked around the college during CCA recruitment day, wondering which CCA to join. During that point of time, i had absolutely no particular aim in CCA choices. I recall myself going to the Photog booth and trying out their 20D with the Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 attached. It was Chin Chye who introduced it to me, letting me try it out and everything. He even talked about the weight and all that when i was holding the camera in my hands, to which i answered "not very heavy wad". And to which he replied "you try carrying it around for 1.5hours when shooting a soccer match". Now i know what he means. Even as i went home that day, i wasn't sure about Photog as my choice CCA in MJC.

Not long after CCA Display, there were the interviews, and Photog was the only one which i signed up for after deciding to go for it. One question still echoes in my mind whenever i think of that day. I'm not sure who asked it (i think it might be mr cheng), but i remember the question itself pretty clearly: What does photography mean to you?
Being a greenhorn at the point of time, the best answer i could think of under the pressure was that photography is the art of capturing fleeting memories and preserving them, making it ready for viewing pleasure. Little did i know at that time that a picture, as well a the entire art of photography, can turn out to be so much more than that.

The experiences
So i got into Photog successfully. The next milestone was to attempt to be part of a the Exco. Running for Exco is a rite of passage for almost any Photoger following their entry into Photog, and i am no exclusion. Despite not being elected for the post  (Gallery Director) i wanted, or any position for that matter, i am still glad that i have at least tried. In the end, after this whole journey, i had no qualms about not being in Exco 09/10 since it gave me the freedom of choice to be involved, or otherwise, in the club activities. Perhaps it might be unusual, for me as a member, to be closer to the Excos rather than other members of the club, but i would say that it is this level of interaction which i enjoy. I saw the amount of responsibilities piled upon the Exco and also the dedication of each and everyone of them to their position as well as their care for each other. If i ever have a regret during my odyssey as a Photoger, it would be that i was unable to forge such intimate bonds with them which no doubt would make this journey even more memorable.

The photog room would be sorely missed as well. The hours spent in the clubroom with the Excos to throw out the nitty gritty details before an event, along with the PP-ing and (the waiting for) printing after, has made me realise how much i would miss the room and the time spent there. Even now, i have already started reminiscing about the late nights (past 9pm and still in the club room) spent there, doing last minute planning and worrying about upcoming events. There would be no more whining and sighs of exasperation from Erfee and Chinyee when Qimage in the Dell desktop is refusing to work. No more talking rubbish with Justin, Soonhao and Kenny. No more "who thinks Chinyee is cute, raise your hand" by Shruthi. No more random jokes about the "giant cockroach"whenever we hear that weird sound coming from the ceiling. The clubroom is like a treasure trove of memories, each one as precious and dear.

Start of a new journey
Although others may not agree with me, but i would say that the time spent in Photog has had a dramatic effect on my life. To me, Photog is more than a just a club or CCA which i joined for the sake of joining. Though it might have been true in the beginning, that mentality rapidly got kicked out during my first club meeting, when i decided to gain something out of it all. Over the 15 months during which i was a member, photography has unwittingly integrated itself into my life. Now, i often find myself subconsciously exercising my eye for photography when i walk around, composing a picture in my head and imagining how a picture would turn out, along with the settings required in order for it to be achieved.

Through it all, i have come to realise that life in college would be colourless without Photog. This is true to such a large extent that i almost dread stepping down tomorrow (yes, this post took me a week to type). As such, i refuse to let this stepping down be the end of my photographic journey. Rather, i would prefer it to be the beginning of a new adventure, one in which i venture out to do further explorations on my own, as well as with the friends i have made in Photog. But however far i might advance into the field of photography, i will never ever forget my beginnings and experiences in Photography > MJC.


Monday, May 3, 2010


Sometimes, i keep telling myself "tomorrow i'll do it".

But every time, i keep forgetting to tell myself that tomorrow never comes.

Moral of the story: Just Do It