Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No ants?

There's this cup of sugar syrup (those kind in canned fruits) on my table, and its fermenting (got whitish growth in the syrup, and it kinda stinks.. =.=).

I left it there for 2 days cos i lazy keep. zzz

On closer look, there are bubbles in the solution. Probably contains the CO2 produced by the thriving bacteria in the sucrose-rich environment..

Monday, April 27, 2009

MOE Teaching Award

Teaching is fun. Its takes 2 things: Passion and Determination. Passion, for the willingness to care, sacrifice and worry about your student. Determination, for the completion of the job itself, as it is not easy. You have to sit/stand there, and talk. And it seriously makes you thirsty.

Ok, i digress. I actually wanted to talk about the horrific climate we're all experiencing right now. Its like, the inter-monsoon perioed right now, meaning that we're somewhere between the wet season and the dry season. And since the dry season is still not fully fledged, my fellow suffering friends out there, do expect the worse. With Singapore so close to the equator and totally, as in totally surrounded by oceans, its no wonder that the humidity level is soaring. Throw in the high levels of vegetation we have around the island, (plants transpire, releasing more water into the air. This is Biology for Idiots.) and you get air that is seriously saturated with water.

Question: Which kind of air is denser, one that is saturated with water, or one that is fully dry? [16]

The average person who doesnt really analyse the problem (basically, that nearly all of us) would say that the one saturated with water vapour is denser. But however, the molecular mass of that bent-shaped-molecule-with-a-bond-angle-of-one-hundred-and-four-point-five-degrees is only 18. And that is actually light compared to the rest of the components which make up the air, namely nitrogen (Mr: 28), oxygen (Mr: 32), carbon dioxide (Mr: 44), just to name a few. So therefore, if the air is saturated with water, the relative percentage composition of the rest of the gases would proportionally decrease as well, if Avogadro's Law were to be used. Hence, with an increase in the percentage of water present in air, it would get lighter due to the displacement of heavier molecules from the composition.

But perhaps, we have to take into account the Induced dipole-Induced dipole attraction (aka Van der Waals' forces, albeit being a more specific form.). So maybe the induced dipole-induced dipole attraction would cause the molecules to be closer to each other, thereby increasing the overall density of the gas so such an extent that it actually becomes heavier than the original sample of gas.

Perhaps there could be a glimmer of truth behind all that myths that we have. But for like this, we'll just have to find out through an experiment. Oh well. Till the time comes i guess..

Ok, i forgot wad i wanted to say before that. zzz.

I think i might join bossaball. Looks damn fun..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

To err is human

The capacity to leap across mountains of information to land lightly on the wrong side represents the highest of human endowments.

-Lewis Thomas
To err is human

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life of a goalkeeper

1) You pick up the mess when your team mate screws up near you (penalty).
2) Balls fly at your face, but you cant run away.
3) Dun wear the correct gear, and you are likely to end up with a sprained hand in a serious match.
4) If you are unlucky, boots make contact with you instead of the ball.
5) If you are really unlucky, the ball will make contact with yours. =.=

Friday, April 17, 2009


So, the Project Work theme i am doing is Emergency, and the subject is Sleep Deprivation.

I have researched, typed, and slogged out this Preliminary Idea on the effects of sleep deprivation and also how people suffer from it.

But the thing is, I am starting to suffer from it due to the heavy workload (one of the reason as to why modern people suffer from sleep deprivation) myself. So maybe its time for me to at least get enough rest before i write a report about it. After all, there is absolutely no reason for me to contribute to the rising trends of sleep deprivation in Singapore, and also worldwide.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blooood, sweat but no tears..

Of all the things i learnt today, the most memorable was that before you wanna donate blood, you should spam some water first. If not, your fingertips will feel kinda tingly near the end of the 450ml, and you experience some symptoms of shock (mainly distorted vision and slightly impaired hearing).

I experienced shock once during secondary school. And i experienced it (kind of) today when i didnt drink much water before i donated blood. But oh well, its better than fainting after donation..

And you have no idea how big the needle is. Its like, the biggest needle i ever saw, which is about 2mm in diameter la. 0.0 But at least a local anaesthesia is applied. lols

Now my left hand feel kinda decapitated. I cant move it without straining the bandage, and it kinda itches.. zzz

Oh well, i gave life, so its worth it. =D

I found out what ferrous fumarate is already. Its an iron salt of the fummaric acid, C4H2FeO4.
And Cyanobalamin (C63H88CoN14O14P) is a compund which has vitamin B12 activity.

Ok, so they are just compounds present in the iron supplement, but i just felt that i had to find out what they are. xD

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mini PAP

Politics. Something which i have totally no interest in, but yet i find myself deeply bogged down in its mire, unable to escape from its deadly clutches.

Of course, the politics which i am caught in is nothing close to the national scale, but still, rally speeches and elections which i have gone through definitely fall under the same accursed category.

Never have i ever imagined that i would get to experience (and also learn in GP) about politics at such a young age; I do not plan to get sleepless nights pondering about which party/person to vote for. Neither have i ever worried about what i would want to say in order to get a position. And neither again have i ever thought about what would happen should i cast a wrong vote. But today, apparently, i struck gold. =.=

But on a lighter note, the rainbow comes after the rain. Relief came to me in the form of knowing that i would not get selected (thanks to my sucky speech). And i kind of surprised myself (slightly) when i discovered that i actually feel better when i put the burden i had placed on myself down. I know this is paradoxical, seeing as i am usually the type of person who usually sees things through to the end. This usually doesnt happen, but today is a special day.

To lighten things up even more, watch the following clip (it was shown during the break time of the elections...)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking things for granted?

They have a tendacy to give last minute twists to the game. Like when the ref awarded IJC a penalty during the 89th minute. Ended up with a score of 1-1. Needless to say, the ref received quite a bit of cursing from our end..

And the security uncle was going "DO NOT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED" x100 during the match..

He was livid after that. Totally hilarious..

Back to studying for chem test.. Have a nice night.

Monday, April 6, 2009

pee da bul yeew

Project work is irritating. It made me think too much. Now i think that Emergency is better than Conservation. zzz

PI is due soon. Havent started on it yet. Die.

To sum it all up: PW is sucks. Period. =.=

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Camp Aperture

I like this one..

Note: This is not a case of water on the lens. Its just a 1/4000 shutter speed..
Same goes for this..
Mysterious bubbling? lol

I realised that i like taking pictures of stuff from a low perspective..
Didnt manage to catch the rest of the colours cos we rushed for the bus. Pity..

I'll post the light painting and perhaps some of the studio pictures up when i get them.

In all, the camp was a great experience, thanks to the EXCO, J2's and teachers. I learnt quite a bit, particularly about studio and flash photography. And the light painting was simply brilliant.

Marina Barrage was the best. So many thing to take. The only regret was that i cant go closer to the water without getting the camera wet. Oh well, i am not using the shockproof and waterproof Olympus, so too bad.. The overcast sky had both advantages and disadvantages. Pro: Survivable weather conditions. Cons: couldnt see sunset.

In the end, i still deleted around half of my photos at first glance, cos they suck. Mainly because there was hand shake and incorrect exposure.. Looks like i gotta pay more attention to my settings the next time..

Ok, time for bed. Still have a test to study for and 2 tutorials to complete tmr. Nights..

Pardon me if eveything sounds kinda unconnected. Thats wad sleep deprivation does to you..