Monday, March 31, 2008

Feel so distracted recently for some reason. Fortunately, i found the reason today and decided that i should just let go and forget about it. After all, i should really be concentrating on something else right now, what with all the exams so near and all.

Change of topic: Amath test wasnt as difficult as i thought it would be. Good thing i went to study ytd as well.. It did help a little.

Rediscovered during chinese that he is half blind and half deaf. U can walk from one end of the class to another and he would not notice. And he can even hear 非 洲 as 美 国 =.=
I mean, which part of 非 洲 sounds like 美 国?! zzz. Chester feels that he would be aiming for him from this lesson onwards. Haha. I suppose that its partially my fault. I said 'walao' and he thought that it was chester who said that. lol. Sorry la chester. But i do hope u can enjoy the lesson. xD

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The dry season is coming. I can feel it in my veins.. lol
There are signs u know, things like early sunrise and rise in humidity. okok, i shall not bore u people's pants off with all these facts.

Gonna go study with Cherng Jye they all later at the library. Need to ask about differentiation and rates of change very much. Its time to rescue my amath from the gallows while i still can. Realised that there are only 3 weeks left to spare before mid-years. Not very much time at all. Haizz. Time to stop dreaming and start working. Time is short and i hope that there's enough for me to do so many things.

Denise asked me to dedicate this post to her, so i shall. Becos she is very bored. =.=
And also to those who turned into lobsters after friday. xD

Friday, March 28, 2008

Actually i thought that today would be really fun. But then it turned out to be the exact opposite. The worst part of it is that i was feeling extremely tired. I guess that flushed all the fun down the drain. -.- Slept quite late the previous night and had to wake at like 5.40 this morn. zzz

Ended up late at the sports stadium cos some idiot suggested that we took bus 58(?) instead of the mrt. Then there was this traffic jam on theroad-.-
Reached bishan interchange at around 0745. And Cherng jye insisted on going to mac to eat his breakfast. Reason being since that were already late, wads the difference of another 10-20 minutes?
Nicholas, Yao yi , yan zhi and a few more joined us little while later at mac. But luckily, they decided to order takeaways. When we reached the stadium and mr tan asked them why they so late then still go mac, they said that they followed the some directional arrows at the interchange and ended up at mac cos the arrows were pointing to there. So they bought some food since they were already there. (They convienietly forgot to mention those directional arrows were on a mac poster). But mr tan let them pass anyway.

The main events were boring like nothing only sia. One of the worst sports days i've ever attended. Cheering was done half-heartedly as well.. In between the events, shaiful, teck yang and me went to get some drinks. And teck yang suggested to try a trick which is to hold the opening of the vending machine and prevent the drink from coming out. Aparrently, it makes the vending machine dispense and extra drink so u get 2 for 1. only thing is, when the drink fails to come out twice, it will be stuck there.

Its something like this. Just that dun remove ur hand so the drink cant come out, so it will dispense another drink since it doesnt sense anything coming out from the hatch.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lololololol. Feel a little random today sia.
I think its cos of sitting beside jon for too long, then kena influenced by him. -.-
He drew carrots and cabbages and mushrooms in my bio book la, for goodness sake. Even went to colour them with a highlighter some more. zzz. At least i learned one thing from that; never leave jon alone with ur possesions for too long. If not, you might find ur things having a slightly different look as compared to before.

Today got chemistry spa on enthalpy change. I think i drew the graph wrongly. The points were nearly everywhere. But i think it might at least be better than jon's, which i heard looked like a "W". =.=

Spent english at com lab where we used the 'msn' function on pbwiki. Some idiot went to put their name as 'ChengBoon is now a carnivore'. If i ever found out who that was..

Found out today that someone in class is very GL. I asked him to just move his legs a little and let me pass through the row, but he simply wont do it and asked me instead to walk all the way from the front instead. And when i walked from behind him, he said F-face to me. Like, wad was that for la. No wonder everyone evryone wanna escape from him. =.=

On a lighter and funnier note, Cherng Jye got a green form for playing cards during recess. lol. Dun ask me wad a green form is, cos i never knew there was such a thing till today. Haha. Very sad lor. =X

Tmr is sports day! Whoo~ Finally we get to sit on the grand stand. Muahahahaha. lol. I think i'll cheer tmr cos its the last sports day in NAS i'll ever get to attend. Wanna make it a little more fun for myself. Just hope that i dun lose my voice. =)

And just now, there was this guy with a china accent who called and claimed that he was a relative from china. =.= Hung up on him the moment he said that. I am no china guy. Want find someone to con then go call some other number. zz. Why dont they just get a life and try to do something decent? o.0

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

YAY! Completed Need For Speed Carbon at last. The last stage wasnt hard at all actually. Its just the stupid drift races before that doesnt allow me to challenge the boss. -.- Watching the credits now. It has been going on for nearly 10 minutes and still counting. Thanks to all the voice actors, actors, car logos, car names, equipment names, blah..

The class was surprisingly hyper at school today. Dunno for wad reason also. Everyone was like not shutting up and i think we made a few teachers pissed with all the noise today.

Whoo! The credits finally finished! The credits so long sia, lasted for around 15 minutes. =.=
I think i'll go study for enthalpy change for the SPA tmr. byes..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whoo.. feel so tired sia. I found out that i should not use my phone too much before i sleep. If not, i'll have a hard time falling asleep later on. Tested and proven 3-4 times. Wonder why though. Perhaps its cos of the radiation. lol, that was random talk. No real reason why i said radiation. Maybe its cos handphone radiation is always linked with something bad in the human body.

Today wasnt a very good day for me. Why? Cos i kena ject twice. Firstly by jon in the morning, then by zu an in the afternoon. And on both occasions, they are both about word tricks. zzz. I think i should just start paying more attention to wad ppl say when they ask me to do weird things. In case i fall for another dumb trick again. =.=

Chem lesson dam jolly sia. Unluckily for Chester, the fun was revolved around his need to answer nature's call urgently. Ppl like teck yang were going "SHHH!' and whistling while chester was begging to go to the toilet. haha. Poor chester. =X

D&T wasnt so bad today after all. By pure luck, i found a 3mm acrylic tube to substitute the fibre optics while in the material room. And when mr ong heard, he told mr zainal that its smart ppl like who can solve their own problems. lols. He doesnt need to know that i found the tube by accident. xD

P.S. Heard this dumb joke today.. :
Why was the Tomato blushing?

Because he saw the salad dressing. =.=

Monday, March 24, 2008

Haizz. for some reason, i feel so stressed today. i suppose its cos of all the tests and the stupid new timetable. How i wish there was no such subject called 'Additional Mathematics'. I mean, its not like we're gonna go outside and say," oh look, the dy-dx of the curve on the building is 4x-5!" =.= Still, since i took the subject, i sould work hard at it. I got a feeling that i can do it. Its just that i am not trying hard enough. Perhaps i should go look for mrs pong after school more often..

Dun really feel like blogging anything. Actually got things to blog about one lor, but the sudden amath EPP today made me forget wad i wanted to blog about. Remembered it was something lame which jon said during school... Hiaz. Think i go listen to some music to de-stress. If not, i might go crazy.. I am already feeling a little delirious. Lalalalala.. Bye bye..

P.S. How come evryone knows that i like rainy weather?? -.-

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nth to do or blog abt. So juz show this.
Credits: arcamax.. =)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

To weiliang: my bogger is slightly different from urs though. no idea why. u know how to convert it or something?

this is wad mine is like.. who knows how to update or change the tool bar?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Good Friday to everybody out there. Woke up early to play some basketball today. On my way to the court, i saw a car in the middle of the road with smoke pouring out from under its bonnet. Wonder if it exploded or not after that. Didnt get to find out cos the bus drove straight past it. thats the first interesting thing i saw today.

Played basketball till around 11 and then went for brunch and got really full cos i ate 2 plates of food at one go. But hey, at least i wasnt hungry anymore after that.
Made my way to Bugis after that to meet kelvin for some D&T stuff. We were actually looking for something to light up our products. Kelvin was looking for LEDs while i was looking for fibre optics. In the end, we only found lots of LEDs but completely no fibre optics at all. Actually we did find some fibre optics, but those arent the ones i had in mind. Those that i want are for decoration rather than for data transfer. Gave up about the idea of using fibre optics in the end simply cos its so hard to find.

Headed back to tampines at around 4 and decided not to go home cos i needed to meet some pri. sch friends to collect a couple of concert tickets at 6. Instead, i went to Tmall and tried to kill some time. Spent 40 mins at Popular trying to choose a pen (didnt buy any in the end), another half an hour walking around doing nothing in particular, and the rest of the time at Times bookshop. I FOUND A ARTEMIS FOWL GRAPHIC NOVEL THERE! Really nice. Read that book till its time to go collect the tickets.

Now i am aching all over from all the basketball in the morning. Cant remember the last time i had such an exertion.. This just proves how unfit i am now =.= Think i'll go lie down for a bit now. Bye and enjoy the weekend. =)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just another extraodinary day

yoyoyo. Happy Founder's Day in advance to NAS. i love Founder's day cos we all get to go home early. Why cant they celebrate more Founder's days. We could celebrate Ngee Ann poly's and Ngee Ann primary's founder's day also wad. I am sure none of the students would mind having an additional 2 days off the calander to rest. xD

Anyway, grats to myself for getting Best in D&T. *claps claps* In your face teck li. haha. Try harder next time ok? You MIGHT beat me some day. lol. Okay okay, i shall stop suaning him. See him so poor thing liao. Put in so much hard work then in the end get nothing. Honestly speaking, i think i would also get a little pissed if i put in so much hard work but in the end the results are not all that good. =)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am back!

Hi everyone. i finally decided to create a new blog after the old one died around 1 year back. hopefully, this one will last longer than the one before. pls leave ur links when u tag if its not already there. i got a little too bored today so i decided to waste some of my time creating this blog.

it wasnt a bad day at school today becos for some unknown reason, i feel happy. Feels a little weird though, being happy without a reason. but i dun mind if there are more days like today in the future. Remembered that during free period, leping, ivan, lawtion, sem, shai and me went to the benches outside staffroom to sit. then lawton sat beside me and started to get a little annoying. dun wanna elaborate much on that though. i think u all can imagine it ayway. i learned one thing during that free period though. that is sem looks like Chicken Little.

i think i'll stop here for today cos i cant think of anything more to write.. have a nice night..