Monday, March 24, 2008

Haizz. for some reason, i feel so stressed today. i suppose its cos of all the tests and the stupid new timetable. How i wish there was no such subject called 'Additional Mathematics'. I mean, its not like we're gonna go outside and say," oh look, the dy-dx of the curve on the building is 4x-5!" =.= Still, since i took the subject, i sould work hard at it. I got a feeling that i can do it. Its just that i am not trying hard enough. Perhaps i should go look for mrs pong after school more often..

Dun really feel like blogging anything. Actually got things to blog about one lor, but the sudden amath EPP today made me forget wad i wanted to blog about. Remembered it was something lame which jon said during school... Hiaz. Think i go listen to some music to de-stress. If not, i might go crazy.. I am already feeling a little delirious. Lalalalala.. Bye bye..

P.S. How come evryone knows that i like rainy weather?? -.-

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