Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lololololol. Feel a little random today sia.
I think its cos of sitting beside jon for too long, then kena influenced by him. -.-
He drew carrots and cabbages and mushrooms in my bio book la, for goodness sake. Even went to colour them with a highlighter some more. zzz. At least i learned one thing from that; never leave jon alone with ur possesions for too long. If not, you might find ur things having a slightly different look as compared to before.

Today got chemistry spa on enthalpy change. I think i drew the graph wrongly. The points were nearly everywhere. But i think it might at least be better than jon's, which i heard looked like a "W". =.=

Spent english at com lab where we used the 'msn' function on pbwiki. Some idiot went to put their name as 'ChengBoon is now a carnivore'. If i ever found out who that was..

Found out today that someone in class is very GL. I asked him to just move his legs a little and let me pass through the row, but he simply wont do it and asked me instead to walk all the way from the front instead. And when i walked from behind him, he said F-face to me. Like, wad was that for la. No wonder everyone evryone wanna escape from him. =.=

On a lighter and funnier note, Cherng Jye got a green form for playing cards during recess. lol. Dun ask me wad a green form is, cos i never knew there was such a thing till today. Haha. Very sad lor. =X

Tmr is sports day! Whoo~ Finally we get to sit on the grand stand. Muahahahaha. lol. I think i'll cheer tmr cos its the last sports day in NAS i'll ever get to attend. Wanna make it a little more fun for myself. Just hope that i dun lose my voice. =)

And just now, there was this guy with a china accent who called and claimed that he was a relative from china. =.= Hung up on him the moment he said that. I am no china guy. Want find someone to con then go call some other number. zz. Why dont they just get a life and try to do something decent? o.0

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