Friday, March 28, 2008

Actually i thought that today would be really fun. But then it turned out to be the exact opposite. The worst part of it is that i was feeling extremely tired. I guess that flushed all the fun down the drain. -.- Slept quite late the previous night and had to wake at like 5.40 this morn. zzz

Ended up late at the sports stadium cos some idiot suggested that we took bus 58(?) instead of the mrt. Then there was this traffic jam on theroad-.-
Reached bishan interchange at around 0745. And Cherng jye insisted on going to mac to eat his breakfast. Reason being since that were already late, wads the difference of another 10-20 minutes?
Nicholas, Yao yi , yan zhi and a few more joined us little while later at mac. But luckily, they decided to order takeaways. When we reached the stadium and mr tan asked them why they so late then still go mac, they said that they followed the some directional arrows at the interchange and ended up at mac cos the arrows were pointing to there. So they bought some food since they were already there. (They convienietly forgot to mention those directional arrows were on a mac poster). But mr tan let them pass anyway.

The main events were boring like nothing only sia. One of the worst sports days i've ever attended. Cheering was done half-heartedly as well.. In between the events, shaiful, teck yang and me went to get some drinks. And teck yang suggested to try a trick which is to hold the opening of the vending machine and prevent the drink from coming out. Aparrently, it makes the vending machine dispense and extra drink so u get 2 for 1. only thing is, when the drink fails to come out twice, it will be stuck there.

Its something like this. Just that dun remove ur hand so the drink cant come out, so it will dispense another drink since it doesnt sense anything coming out from the hatch.

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