Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just another extraodinary day

yoyoyo. Happy Founder's Day in advance to NAS. i love Founder's day cos we all get to go home early. Why cant they celebrate more Founder's days. We could celebrate Ngee Ann poly's and Ngee Ann primary's founder's day also wad. I am sure none of the students would mind having an additional 2 days off the calander to rest. xD

Anyway, grats to myself for getting Best in D&T. *claps claps* In your face teck li. haha. Try harder next time ok? You MIGHT beat me some day. lol. Okay okay, i shall stop suaning him. See him so poor thing liao. Put in so much hard work then in the end get nothing. Honestly speaking, i think i would also get a little pissed if i put in so much hard work but in the end the results are not all that good. =)

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