Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whoo.. feel so tired sia. I found out that i should not use my phone too much before i sleep. If not, i'll have a hard time falling asleep later on. Tested and proven 3-4 times. Wonder why though. Perhaps its cos of the radiation. lol, that was random talk. No real reason why i said radiation. Maybe its cos handphone radiation is always linked with something bad in the human body.

Today wasnt a very good day for me. Why? Cos i kena ject twice. Firstly by jon in the morning, then by zu an in the afternoon. And on both occasions, they are both about word tricks. zzz. I think i should just start paying more attention to wad ppl say when they ask me to do weird things. In case i fall for another dumb trick again. =.=

Chem lesson dam jolly sia. Unluckily for Chester, the fun was revolved around his need to answer nature's call urgently. Ppl like teck yang were going "SHHH!' and whistling while chester was begging to go to the toilet. haha. Poor chester. =X

D&T wasnt so bad today after all. By pure luck, i found a 3mm acrylic tube to substitute the fibre optics while in the material room. And when mr ong heard, he told mr zainal that its smart ppl like who can solve their own problems. lols. He doesnt need to know that i found the tube by accident. xD

P.S. Heard this dumb joke today.. :
Why was the Tomato blushing?

Because he saw the salad dressing. =.=

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