Monday, March 31, 2008

Feel so distracted recently for some reason. Fortunately, i found the reason today and decided that i should just let go and forget about it. After all, i should really be concentrating on something else right now, what with all the exams so near and all.

Change of topic: Amath test wasnt as difficult as i thought it would be. Good thing i went to study ytd as well.. It did help a little.

Rediscovered during chinese that he is half blind and half deaf. U can walk from one end of the class to another and he would not notice. And he can even hear 非 洲 as 美 国 =.=
I mean, which part of 非 洲 sounds like 美 国?! zzz. Chester feels that he would be aiming for him from this lesson onwards. Haha. I suppose that its partially my fault. I said 'walao' and he thought that it was chester who said that. lol. Sorry la chester. But i do hope u can enjoy the lesson. xD

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