Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Good Friday to everybody out there. Woke up early to play some basketball today. On my way to the court, i saw a car in the middle of the road with smoke pouring out from under its bonnet. Wonder if it exploded or not after that. Didnt get to find out cos the bus drove straight past it. thats the first interesting thing i saw today.

Played basketball till around 11 and then went for brunch and got really full cos i ate 2 plates of food at one go. But hey, at least i wasnt hungry anymore after that.
Made my way to Bugis after that to meet kelvin for some D&T stuff. We were actually looking for something to light up our products. Kelvin was looking for LEDs while i was looking for fibre optics. In the end, we only found lots of LEDs but completely no fibre optics at all. Actually we did find some fibre optics, but those arent the ones i had in mind. Those that i want are for decoration rather than for data transfer. Gave up about the idea of using fibre optics in the end simply cos its so hard to find.

Headed back to tampines at around 4 and decided not to go home cos i needed to meet some pri. sch friends to collect a couple of concert tickets at 6. Instead, i went to Tmall and tried to kill some time. Spent 40 mins at Popular trying to choose a pen (didnt buy any in the end), another half an hour walking around doing nothing in particular, and the rest of the time at Times bookshop. I FOUND A ARTEMIS FOWL GRAPHIC NOVEL THERE! Really nice. Read that book till its time to go collect the tickets.

Now i am aching all over from all the basketball in the morning. Cant remember the last time i had such an exertion.. This just proves how unfit i am now =.= Think i'll go lie down for a bit now. Bye and enjoy the weekend. =)

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