Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello to you who is still visiting my blog.

I know i said that i probably wont post till the 9th of May, but i really cant resist. The books are right in front ofme, but the com is on, and my brain is somewhere else, building sandcastles in the air.

Anyway, there is only 4 more papers to go, so jiayou, we can all do it. =)
For some reason, everyone is saying that the midyears are passing really quickly. Which can be both a good and a bad thing i suppose. Good, cos we all do not need to endure this rubbish much longer, bad, cos for those who are trying to do a last ditch attempt to cram the stuff into thier head.

Amath exam. Lol. GG already lor. I'll be glad if i can get a C5-B4 for it. =.=
majority of the ppl are like saying 'amath gone liao' after the exam. If only amath was like emath la. If only... haha. I guess that will never happen.

Walked to tampines library with you ming and teck li after the paper to study. We actually walked la. From 201 walk all the way to library leh. And the time was like 12 noon la. With the sun in the sky, so u can guess how hot it was. Luckily got honeydew sago to cool me down. lol

Found out that when u want to study with teck li, u should make sure that he has something to study. If not he will be dam distracting. Distract me until no mood to study sia. In the end, i gave up and went to read a book about atoms, neutrinos, positrons and quarks. Really interesting, so i finished it quite fast. But got no other nice books liao, so went to try to study again. Didnt accomplish much in the end.

Then went to century square to get some stuff, then walked back home again, also with you ming and teck li. And teck li was complaining that he was dam hungry. And his stomach was cramping. Lol, i didnt know a stomach will cramp if ur hungry. I know a leg can cramp from not warming up before exercise, and ur pinky will cramp if u arm wrestle too much (learned this from marcus when he arm wrestled me. He gave up cos his pinky started cramping. lol), but never a stomach will cramp if ur too hungry. He like dying already la wth. i tell him better not faint halfway, if not gotta drag him home. Worse still, i dunno whr his home is, and neither does you ming. So whr to drag him if he faints? Ans: Leave him by the roadside and walk off. Lol jk la. I not so heartless. Maybe I'll call his home or something then ask his family member go fetch him home.

Why did Murrey Gell-Mann name the quarks as up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom?

Friday, April 25, 2008

NOTICE: This blog will be temporarily inactive till the 9th of May. Do come back on the 12th of May (10-11 are non-working days) to see a new look (subject to my memory). (=

Monday, April 21, 2008

yoyo! I've got a new phone and also a new number. For those who havent updated their contacts, you can find my new number on msn. If not, ask me in person to find out.

Anyway, me, teckli, and sem keep jecting leping today. Something about the height issue. lol. Very funny. And whats more funny is that we saw Mr Ong DIG HIS NOSE. haha. Too bad we weren't fast enough to take a picture of it. Lols.

Like i said, this post will be short, so this will be where i end. Gotta go study for tmr's 默 写 and the coming exams. So till the next post..

In the smallest amount of space available, there is an infinite amount of matter which can be fit in there.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today was only so-so cos of all the lessons. Today's time table was practically packed with lessons la. We had to endure all the subjects except SS today. Practically drowning in all the homework that the teachers gave us. The homework was given in stacks one la. wth. Ok la, perhaps not in stacks, but its still quite alot. I suppose its about time to switch to nerd mode. And luckily, tmr will be an off day for me to do all the uncompleted stuff. Planning to camp at tampines library the whole day to study. I am serious, i will perhaps be staying there from 11 to maybe around 6. Hopefully, i can chiong finish all my work tmr.

Back to today's events then. Bio SPA is well, quite disasterous. And that may even be an understatement as to what really happened. Actually, it went like this: we were released a little late from Amath. 10 minutes late in fact. And since its SPA, 10 mins is like, alot. Some ppl in the class just simply took their time and strolled down to the lab like nobody's business and when the whole of the class finally came, nearly 20 mins was gone. And by the time we started, nearly half the period was already gone. Sucks totally i tell you. In the end, i didnt write a conclusion for my results, didnt identify a source of experimental error, and didnt draw the graph that we are supposed to draw. Fortunately its a mock SPA. If actual SPA then die sia. =.=

At the end of the day, i went home with a gargantuan load on my bag. Got Amath, Emath, Bio, Chem and Geog to carry home. Out of those 5 subjects' textbooks, 4 of them are rather thick. So i guess that the total weght was around 5-6kg withall the other stuff added in. But after i trying to carry this other guy's (sorry, forgot his name) bag, my bag feels almost weightless. So i guess u all can imagine how heavy his bag was. U would have thought that he was going mountain climbing if not for the school uniform la.

Thought of the day: Yong likes Ms Lau. LOL!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think i am beginning to like DnT more and more. Mr Ong damn nice la, like always let us off early. But for once, i didnt want to go early, because i got my workpiece to complete and all that. And when i start planning ahead, time seems to be on such short supply, with only less than one and a half week left before mid year exams, and approximately 6 months before the big thing. I should start to mug now.

Anyway, 6 months arent really that long. At the rate at which things are proceeding now, 6 months could be gone in a flash. So many things, so little time. There is one big thing which i need to do, and i want to do it soon. But the earliest time which it can be done is after the O's, because if i do it any time before it, it would seriously distract me from my work. And like, really seriously. So i shall wait 6 months, after all, 6 months arent really that long.

Okok, back to the present la. English today was the best. Wrote a eulogy for Yang Teck. Apparently, he kicked the bucket while playing chinese chess at night. Damn funny when we were writing it sia. And Chester and Gwen are down there laughing like dogs and the rest of us were laughing at them laughing.Wad a joke sia. haha. You all should have seen Chester la, laugh until his whole face red. Like seriously la. lol

And during chinese, Lawton, Chester and me planned to take turns asking Mr Fong to enlarge the font size. I mean, its like miniscule. I wonder if he thinks that we have bionic eyes or something. Maybe that rest of the class arent asking to magnify the words because they arent listening anyway. Lol. But from today on, i shall start paying lots and lots of attention instead of the usual lots of attention in his class. Why? Because the sky so high, the bird shit in your eye. Haha, jkjk. Its because i want to get ace my chinese O's this june so i can throw it aside and concentrate on the rest of the subjects like Amath.

Thought of the day: If sombody smiles when things get screwed up, it means that he has thought of someone to blame it on. Lol

Sunday, April 13, 2008


lol, really bored la. Forgot to bring my bio textbook home, so cant do bio, and i cant really concentrate on my chem cos i lazy read the book. >.< So i went to watch bleach 166 instead. Really nice episode of grimmjow vs ichigo. The last bit really exciting sia Inuoe: Ichigo! Dun die!! *time freezes for a second* *Ichigo looks back then looks at grimjow again* Ichigo: Sorry grimmjow *slashes grimmjow* *To be continued* Why do they always stop at the exciting part? If only it could go on forever. Going out to study geog. later for some reason, i cant seem to concentrate at home. I think its cos of the computer. Next time, i should leave it turned off whenever i am trying to study. =.= ____________________________________________________________________ Went to Tampines library with cherng jye in the afternoon to study. Saw Jia Yu, Verena, JinYe May Lyn and even Esrinda and Iswirda, whom i never thought i would see in a library. lol Cherng jye got a little pissed cos we cant find empty tables and he wanted to practice math. Actually, there was an empty table in front of us, but there were books and stationery spread all over it although their owners were nowhere to be seen. So inconsiderate la. Dun want sit then get your things and scram, why leave your possesions there and deprive other people who needed the space to study? Those mindless imbeciles turned out to be a bunch of girls who came back like half an hour later.

Wasted 2 hours of my time there by studying geography of food when its not tested. Didnt realise it was not under Development topic until YouMing told me when she arrived at 4. =.= If only she had arrived earlier, then i would not have wasted so much time. zz Got a little bored at around 7 plus so went to find a megazine to read. Found one on astronomy and saw really nice pictures of galaxies and constellations inside. Youming found the constellation representing her zodiac sign(sagittarius) which was actually a teapot. haha. Cant find my capricorn though. >.< lols. Sylvia came at like 7.30 to borrow a book, then we left at around 8.10 to go home.

Found out that the library is a really nice place to study in. Albeit a little crowded (cant find any empty tables, so we had to spilt up) but the silence there is simply magical (unlike Pasir Ris library, which is much noisier). I should go there to study more often.

P.S. Sylvia can summon me like magic =.=

Friday, April 11, 2008

Whee! Stepped down from cca today. Shiok ar. No more worries about anymore lousy attendance and all that crap. Actually, i stopped going to cca much since the beginning of this year cos of DnT la. Then got all those holidays and activities that fall on friday, i think i only went to cca for like, less than 10 times this year?

Anyway, I am totally beat today. Why? Cos i slept for like <6 hours last night, had a bio test early this morning, went to play soccer before going for cca, and played soccer, captain's ball and dodgeball during cca. And now, i got a tan line on my face where my spec's frame is supposed to be. =.= Other ppl say ike damn obvious? I dunno, cos some junior (forgot his name) first told me abt it when i took off my specs to wipe my sweat.
Him: *looks at me while i wearing back my specs* Eh, take off ur specs a while leh
Me: why? *takes off specs*
Him: Wa, u got a tan line leh
Me: really meh? Damn obvious ar?
Him: ya, like u put powder there like that
Me; Damn * =.= *

After cca, Fatty let us listen to one podcast. Very funny. You all should go listen
Found it on podcast.

Can listen at:

Sry, normally, i would have uploaded it to imeem then post here, but i lazy, and i am extremely tired, so yeah.. :)


Thursday, April 10, 2008



Lost several marks in tests and SPA cos i didnt read the questions properly

RAGHH! >:(

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another wednesday came and gone.
See the days on the calander pass at a breakneck pace. Soon, the exams will be upon them and they would be up to their necks in revision notes and practice papers, with neither the space nor time for a breather. But through it all, the aim is simple; to get into their dream institutions in hope of better education followed by a future where all doors are open, leaving them spoilt for choices.

Lol, so drama sia. xD

Haha. Once again, its even week wednesday! One of the best days of the two weeks as it has only 2 lessons! Had tha actual chem SPA this morning and i half-screwed it up. Sian lor. Dun want talk about it liao. But at least its only half screwed up instead of fully screwed up la. zzz

Realised today that i should never ever touch sylvia's things again. Everytime i touch her stuff, it either get spoilt, or goes missing. Now i gotta buy her a new pencil after having just bought her a pen just 2 weeks ago. -.-

The class was making one hell of a ruckus during Emath lesson. I think we seriously pissed Mrs Pong off la. She is a really nice teacher, but sometimes, certain ppl in our class really go too far. Wish that i had chosen triple science in my subject combination instead of double science. r1 definitely have a more conducive enviroment then this class.
Anyway, too late for regrets now. Can only hope that the class will shut up when the deadline for the O's are closer.

Lesson of the day: Never touch sylvia's stationery. Its cursed.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Yooooo ppl. Not a bad day today even though we had to sit through some talk about safety and manners on buses by SBS. Speaking of SBS, i just remembered that i needed to top-up my school smartcard (thats the proper name for EZ-link card according to the speaker. See, i listen hor, although its boring)

And and and Mrs Pong gotta go for Wushu competition today, so no Amath lesson and Amath EPP! Whoo! But, seeing that i am a good boy, i completed the class assignment that we were supposed to do. First time i managed to complete an Amath assignment in an hour (shows that i AM improving. Muahaha. xD).

Since i have dedicated myself to start my revision (and pay more attn in class) this week in preparation for the O's, i actually paid attention during english today. Even though i still dun understand much about expositions, but hey, at least i made an effort right? Even Jon paid attention sia. We are all good students =D.
Half way through English, Teckyang suddenly asked Ms zahra for her age. Then everyone went quiet for a moment there, waiting for her reaction, then burst into laughter. Random sia.

After English, Jon also decided to be random by taking a paper box, draw a face on it, and walk around the class with the box on his head. And when Teckyang took it to play with, Ms zahra actually dared him to walk around the corridor with that thing on. Too bad he only walked down a small stretch of the corridor instead of around the whole 4th floor of the block. He erally look dam idiotic with that thing on. Then again, he does idiotic things all the time, so yeah..

I find chinese lesson quite enjoyable actually, and its actually cos of the teacher. And take note, its cos of the teacher, and not his teachings. Spent the last quater of the lesson playing battleships with lawton while zu an and chester played hangman and tic tac toe throughout the whole lesson. lols

Thought of the day: Jon believes that he can fly..

Friday, April 4, 2008

Whoo.Ran 2.4 first thing in the morning. Wad a great start to a day sia. =.= Took me like 13 mins to run finish. Horrible timing. I suppose thats cos i havent ran for like, i dunno, 7 months? But didnt stop as many times as i expected to. So thats one good thing that came out of it.

Practically wasted the whole english lesson as we didnt do much. Then came the SS source based test/in-class assignment. And the paper was like, omg, wad kind of source is this? It only contains 2-3 sentences. How the heck am i supposed to extract any kind of evidence to support my answers from there? In the end, for one of the questions, i copied down the entire source as the evidence (there were only 2 sentences i think). zzz

Returned back to school around half an hour later after lunch for chinese oral, which i dun think was good at all. I wanted to say "对 症 下 药",but said "应 症 下 药" instead. Dunno wad made me say it. And dun ask me wad it means either.

Saw Keng Aun waiting for his turn at oral after i finished mine, and i actually wanted to wait for him one. But saw ranon downstairs a little while later so i went with him instead. Felt a little sad for ranon after he told me that his oral conversation lasted for like 30 sec- 1 min only. Then, even more sad for him when he said that all he said was that "我 们 要 坚 持, 然 后 再 坚 持, 然 后 再 更 坚 持 下 去" (the topic was about failures). Damn funny. lol. Then, sylvia told me that her examiner was like signalling to her that she had heard enough and she should go alreay. I mean, like wad kind of oral examiner would want a candidate to talk less. It should be the more u say, the better wad. Unless you are talking rubbish of course.

Its a sad day for chinese oral exams. xD

My mum told me this really dumb and lame joke:
有 一 只 猪, 一 只 猫, 和 一 只 袋 鼠 在 一 起 吸 毒, 突 然, 警 察 来 了, 猜 猜 看 警 察 在 谁 的 身 上 找 到 毒 品。

Ans: 猪。 因 为 猪 藏(肠〕 粉。
lol. like, omgzxz =.=

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Like nothing to blog about these few days. So boring. Feel a little weird not doing something.

Had the health screening yesterday. Jess and Leping were getting a little too excited about the checkup. Kept talking about some body checks =.=. Thats all thats interesting i think.

Then today. English oral exam. Had to skip Egeog EPP for it. The class was just pouring out when it was my turn to get ready.
And i also found out a couple of things today during Amath lesson. Firstly, Kelvin is allergic to criticisms. He sneezes whenever he hears one that has to do with him. Secondly, Mrs Pong can link graphs of exponential functions to SARS and earthquakes. Glad that the class did not ask more about it. And i think i am starting to get used to differentiation (Yes, i now its about time as well). At least i think i can manage now if i practice enough. AFter all, amath is all about practice. Then again, thats why i dun really like it.

I dun have a good affinity with numbers.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First and foremost,

Another day came and gone. Time sure flies. Can start the countdown to MYE and O's liao.

First thing i noticed today: Jon is not here. The class seems so much quieter and less fun without him.
Looks like one single person can really make a difference after all.

Brilliant day actually. Everyone was like making fun of each other and then screaming "April Fool's!"
Lamest one i saw was by Zuan. It goes like this:
*Holds up a piece of paper with a circle drawn on it*
Zuan: What's this?
Victim: dunno..
Zuan: Make a guess
Victim: A circle?
Zuan: Its a piece of paper la u dumb shyt! April Fool!
Victim: .....

Lol. Even Mr Fong decided to crack some lame jokes today (then again, he always crack lame jokes which nobody laughs at bt himself)
Wise quote by Mr Fong:
1:“ 我 好 像 是 个 男 的“ (meaning 'I think i am a man')
Like, wth? haha.

Love april fool day. so fun. =)