Thursday, April 3, 2008

Like nothing to blog about these few days. So boring. Feel a little weird not doing something.

Had the health screening yesterday. Jess and Leping were getting a little too excited about the checkup. Kept talking about some body checks =.=. Thats all thats interesting i think.

Then today. English oral exam. Had to skip Egeog EPP for it. The class was just pouring out when it was my turn to get ready.
And i also found out a couple of things today during Amath lesson. Firstly, Kelvin is allergic to criticisms. He sneezes whenever he hears one that has to do with him. Secondly, Mrs Pong can link graphs of exponential functions to SARS and earthquakes. Glad that the class did not ask more about it. And i think i am starting to get used to differentiation (Yes, i now its about time as well). At least i think i can manage now if i practice enough. AFter all, amath is all about practice. Then again, thats why i dun really like it.

I dun have a good affinity with numbers.

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