Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today was only so-so cos of all the lessons. Today's time table was practically packed with lessons la. We had to endure all the subjects except SS today. Practically drowning in all the homework that the teachers gave us. The homework was given in stacks one la. wth. Ok la, perhaps not in stacks, but its still quite alot. I suppose its about time to switch to nerd mode. And luckily, tmr will be an off day for me to do all the uncompleted stuff. Planning to camp at tampines library the whole day to study. I am serious, i will perhaps be staying there from 11 to maybe around 6. Hopefully, i can chiong finish all my work tmr.

Back to today's events then. Bio SPA is well, quite disasterous. And that may even be an understatement as to what really happened. Actually, it went like this: we were released a little late from Amath. 10 minutes late in fact. And since its SPA, 10 mins is like, alot. Some ppl in the class just simply took their time and strolled down to the lab like nobody's business and when the whole of the class finally came, nearly 20 mins was gone. And by the time we started, nearly half the period was already gone. Sucks totally i tell you. In the end, i didnt write a conclusion for my results, didnt identify a source of experimental error, and didnt draw the graph that we are supposed to draw. Fortunately its a mock SPA. If actual SPA then die sia. =.=

At the end of the day, i went home with a gargantuan load on my bag. Got Amath, Emath, Bio, Chem and Geog to carry home. Out of those 5 subjects' textbooks, 4 of them are rather thick. So i guess that the total weght was around 5-6kg withall the other stuff added in. But after i trying to carry this other guy's (sorry, forgot his name) bag, my bag feels almost weightless. So i guess u all can imagine how heavy his bag was. U would have thought that he was going mountain climbing if not for the school uniform la.

Thought of the day: Yong likes Ms Lau. LOL!

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