Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First and foremost,

Another day came and gone. Time sure flies. Can start the countdown to MYE and O's liao.

First thing i noticed today: Jon is not here. The class seems so much quieter and less fun without him.
Looks like one single person can really make a difference after all.

Brilliant day actually. Everyone was like making fun of each other and then screaming "April Fool's!"
Lamest one i saw was by Zuan. It goes like this:
*Holds up a piece of paper with a circle drawn on it*
Zuan: What's this?
Victim: dunno..
Zuan: Make a guess
Victim: A circle?
Zuan: Its a piece of paper la u dumb shyt! April Fool!
Victim: .....

Lol. Even Mr Fong decided to crack some lame jokes today (then again, he always crack lame jokes which nobody laughs at bt himself)
Wise quote by Mr Fong:
1:“ 我 好 像 是 个 男 的“ (meaning 'I think i am a man')
Like, wth? haha.

Love april fool day. so fun. =)

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