Friday, April 4, 2008

Whoo.Ran 2.4 first thing in the morning. Wad a great start to a day sia. =.= Took me like 13 mins to run finish. Horrible timing. I suppose thats cos i havent ran for like, i dunno, 7 months? But didnt stop as many times as i expected to. So thats one good thing that came out of it.

Practically wasted the whole english lesson as we didnt do much. Then came the SS source based test/in-class assignment. And the paper was like, omg, wad kind of source is this? It only contains 2-3 sentences. How the heck am i supposed to extract any kind of evidence to support my answers from there? In the end, for one of the questions, i copied down the entire source as the evidence (there were only 2 sentences i think). zzz

Returned back to school around half an hour later after lunch for chinese oral, which i dun think was good at all. I wanted to say "对 症 下 药",but said "应 症 下 药" instead. Dunno wad made me say it. And dun ask me wad it means either.

Saw Keng Aun waiting for his turn at oral after i finished mine, and i actually wanted to wait for him one. But saw ranon downstairs a little while later so i went with him instead. Felt a little sad for ranon after he told me that his oral conversation lasted for like 30 sec- 1 min only. Then, even more sad for him when he said that all he said was that "我 们 要 坚 持, 然 后 再 坚 持, 然 后 再 更 坚 持 下 去" (the topic was about failures). Damn funny. lol. Then, sylvia told me that her examiner was like signalling to her that she had heard enough and she should go alreay. I mean, like wad kind of oral examiner would want a candidate to talk less. It should be the more u say, the better wad. Unless you are talking rubbish of course.

Its a sad day for chinese oral exams. xD

My mum told me this really dumb and lame joke:
有 一 只 猪, 一 只 猫, 和 一 只 袋 鼠 在 一 起 吸 毒, 突 然, 警 察 来 了, 猜 猜 看 警 察 在 谁 的 身 上 找 到 毒 品。

Ans: 猪。 因 为 猪 藏(肠〕 粉。
lol. like, omgzxz =.=

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