Monday, June 30, 2008


Saturday: Tampines in Concert by Tampines Sec
Sunday: Tapestry by Ngee Ann Sec

For some reason, i seem to have enjoyed saturday more. More fun, cos i get to see the friends which i miss so much. =) To all from 6.7 '04: We should get together more often!~

Lets start with saturday first then.. i'll try to recall to the best of my ability (i tend to forget stuff).

Met joel and youming at 5.30 at north park bus stop. Quite a surprise actually, cos they suddenly pop up out of the blue. Went to tampines mrt to wait for marcel. He's late, as usual. xP no offence marcel. =D

Sat on the mrt to tanjong pagar. Saw this really nice cloud near paya lebar if i am not wrong. Its like one whole entire white wall against a otherwise cloudless sky. Beautiful. Everyone was like trying to get some snapshots of it. Attempted to get one myself, but unfortunately, with no thanks to trees and the concrete jungle out there, i cant get a clear shot.

Reached Singapore Conference Hall (SCH) and met up with yanjun and her friend there. We went to this balcony thing on the second floor since we had lots of time and also to get away from the crowd. Lo and behold, there was an airshow going on right at that moment. And when the planes drew a heart in the sky, everyone went like 'OMG! SO NICE!!' Quite sweet as well actually.

Credits to joel for taking this vid

That day isnt joel's day for using the vending machine. He got scammed of $2 while trying get a drink. Actually he was just trying to get a bottle of mineral water, but when he put the coin inside and pressed for the drink, nothing came out. The same happened when he pulled the coin return lever. So he tried a second time. This time, youming pressed the button. And guess what. NOTHING came out. haha. After that, joel said he was gonna get a coke before youming went to wack the mineral water's button ahead of him. Apparently, the vending machine isnt joel's "popular choice" anymore (the company which the machine belonged to was called 'The Popular Choice'). Tough luck, joel. =D

My personal favourite from the concert was a piece called "Mazama" by Jay Chattaway. Sounds really nice to me.

Went to have some fun after the concert. While doing so, i found out that height jokes were extremely funny. Especially if there are those vertically challenged ones around in person for you to laugh at. haha. And and and yan jun suspected that there was something going on between youming and joel. Personally, if i didnt know them, i might have belived that it was true, what with the same phone model and the way which they talked with each other. xD

After reaching tampines, we went to north park. While i was there, memories washed over me like waves on a beach. Thought of the time which we used to play there, the time which we still could have fun, the jokes which we shared and the games that we played. All happening there. Happy times those were.

I thought i knew what was stress back then, but on hindsight, i knew nothing.

Okok, i shall stop here before this post gets too emo.

As i was saying, we were having fun at north park. More jokes from joel (this time, its about something which cannot be said here). xD. Took some pictures and stuff like that before yan jun had to go home. Dispersed back to our respective homes after that with me sending yunjun home and joel doing the same for youming. Poor marcel went alone. =X

Oh ya, i found out that yunjun's had a cousin in table tennis. And she's none other than atikah. Totally caught me off guard there.. =.=

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yay!! Haha.

The mood to study is really coming into me. Thats a good thing i suppose. No better time to have it than now. At the same time, i am also looking forwards to the 2 concerts this weekend. I guess thats the last of the fun which i am going to have for a long long time. So i'll try to enjoy the 2 nights as much as possible. =D

Started off with amath this morning. Didnt understand half of what mrs pong was saying until the last 10 mins of the lesson. Before that, i was reminded of my incompetence at amath by sylvia, who asked me how to solve a log question. Wasted like 15 mins thinking of how to solve it. Turned out that i cant solve it anyway. Looks like i need to brush up my amath. Fast.

Today was ownage day. First instance:
[removed, by the request of leping]
those who wanna know come find me. haha xD
Second instance:
During english. Jon was slacking around, doing nothing although there was work to be completed. Ms zahra comes over, "Jonathan, what do you think you are doing?"
Jon:, "erm, something.."
MZ: "this is my lesson, why are you doing other subject's work during my lesson?" (got chem stuff on the table)
Jon, " i never do! is at home do one!"
MZ, "You mean this is your homework?"
Jon, "Ya!"
MZ, "Ok, but you are supposed to be doing my work, and you are not doing it. I want to see something on your paper"
Jon, "....."
Owned. xD

Is it me, or are the teachers getting more edgy as well? o.0

Addicted to that laughter
Addicted to that smile
For that i would go the extra mile

Monday, June 23, 2008

The first day of school is over! Finally too. It feels as i was at the school for 2 days. I swear the holidays didnt pass as slowly.

For me, going back to school has 2 main plus points.
1) Get to see my friends
2) Gets me into a studying mood

For some reason, i just cant seem to study much during the holidays. Yes, i can do some homework here and there, but i cant really go into hardcore studying mode. But now that school has started once again, i can finally go stick my nose into some book without getting distracted easily.

The day started out pretty well at first, but started to go downhill after around 1pm. It started off just like any other monday; With assembly. Assembly went quite well i must say, with that holiday announcement and skit. Even the grooming check was quite jolly, with phil being the butt of our jokes. What with his long sideburns, fringe and back and black socks. We (lawton, leon and me) were going " eh, 'cher look at his fringe, look at his sideburn and socks, haiyo.. must go cut la. where can so long one" In the end, phil got caught for nearly everything on his body, including his long fingernails, which we forgot to point out to the teacher. Too bad we didnt get a chance to show to the teacher his shoes had brown designs on it. xP

So blah blah blah till after lunch break. My brain got a little fuzzy after eating lunch. You know why? Disclaimer: Bio stuff coming up. Skip the next portion if u dun like bio

Because, when u eat, your body will channel more blood to the adominal area (namely the alimentary canal) so as to provide it with nutrients and oxygen to aid in digestion and absorbtion. The main nutrient that is used up by the alimentary canal in the digestion is glucose. The oxidation of glucose gives off energy, which is used for the cells in the alimentary canal to perform active transport and peristalsis. Hence, since more blood is channeled to the alimentary canal, less blood will be present in other areas of your body, including the brain. So, lesser blood present in the brain means that the brain cannot perfrom at its peak capacity, resulting in sluggish actions and retarded thinking after a heavy meal. Edit: note that it is NOT the blood itself which helps your brain to function well. It is the nutrients and oxygen in your blood which does that. Thank you. (:

So anyway, as i was saying, my brain got a little fuzzy after lunch. It wasnt that bad during bio, 'cause i still can concentrate on the lesson after making an effort to do so. (We learned about reproduction in plants.) But it got really bad during Emath EPP. I cant concentrate, i got really sleepy and stuff like that. I cant even solve sums which i know i can solve when my head is clear. That was how bad it was.

So, the moral of the story? Do not eat too much if you want to concentrate on something, be it lessons or whatever.

Edit: I am quitting all forms of entertainment from now on until end of O levels. I am quitting maple, private server included, as well as whatever else i am going to play. Nothing is going to make me join a new game right now. And no, i am not joking. However, i will still continue to blog. Or at least, up till around week 6 or so. After that, blog posts will be extremely infrequent and inconsistant, if not none at all. (:

Yay, i have come to the end of this post. You have my gratitude. =D

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Too bad, i was just starting to like it.. =.=
But thats nothing to celebrate about, since it means that the school term is starting and the prelims are coming.

SO, no more procrastinating, no more playing, and more studying, more revising and more chionging..

I just hope that i can practice wad i preach. Its not that easy you know? Sometimes, i just wish that things were as easy as i say they would be. But hey, there's no free lunch in the world. So we all gotta work for what we want, right?

ok, wadever, i am getting all naggy and stuff. Although it is the end of the holidays and the big O's are only ~4 months away, i am still a little in the dun-feel-like-studying mood. Gotta slap myself to reality if i still dun wake up soon (and no, i dun want any help with that). But i do want help in amath. (:

This week was really short. Gone in a blink of an eye. If only it had lasted longer..

Oh well..

Dun have anything to say..




ok, wadever..

I wish i could help u,
I wish i had more to say,
But words simply fail me when those times arise.
I really want to say,
i really want to tell,
But you are not here, i can only hear that echoes of my cries..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here it comes.. >.<

Today is the last holiday which we (sec 4's) are going to have for a long, long time. The next school holiday is in September, during which we will be busy chionging for the O levels, so you can hardly call that a holiday.

The prelims will be starting in week 7, but the teachers would be going all out to prepare us for it starting tomorrow. So brace yourselves, for we would be in for a rough ride. And that ride wouldn't be ending anytime soon.

Look on the bright side though, after the end of O levels (last paper for me, which is DnT, ends on November 4th), we would be FREE! For 2 whole months, we would have all the time in the world to do anything we want to do. Perhaps its that particular prospect which gives us the strength to endure whatever the teachers and school throw at us for the coming months.

However, at the moment, we would have to work hard for the 'A' we all want. And hopefully, we can all get it.

Really funny when they fight. haha

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello! I am gonna make this one short. Partly because i do not have much to say. But also erm... okok, its just because i do not have much to say. Wanted to blog just for the sake of blogging. haha

Nothing spectacular today. In fact, i think its one of the longest days of my life. Went to the library to do amath early in the morning.. managed to solve a few questions which i cant solve yesterday, which really gave me a sense of satisfaction. Too bad that sensation didnt last long. Not too long after, i resumed building my sandcastle in the air..

It was when i was about to leave when i realised that sitting by the windows isnt too bad either. Better than sitting at the reference section at any rate. At least u had the view of the 'outside world' to entertain u when you are bored.. ok. i am getting random here. haha

actually, i think my temper have been a little short of late. I think its because the holiday (if you can call them holidays) are drawing to a close and i dun think i have accomplished much. I may have snapped at a few people unintentionally bacause of this, but i hope that you people understand that it was totally unintentional. Specifically, i think i would have to apologise to teck li for being a little sharp when he just smsed a simple question. And also to yanci and cherngjye for pangseh-ing them at the bus stop. Sorry, i just dun feel like going to the beach today.. Hope u all can understand..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Okok, i realised that i have been blogging rather irregularly these few weeks. And to think that i used to blog nearly everyday when i first started this blog. I guess some of that enthusiasm is wearing off already. Nevertheless, i will still continue to blog until maybe around 3 weeks before prelims. So, do stick around, there is still plenty to see. Haha

I remember seeing something which made me laugh like crazy on saturday. You will never guess it. Its cherng jye's nose hair! I was discussing something with him at first, then when i looked up to his face from my book, i saw this thing sticking out of his nose. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be black. When i refocused my lenses on it, i discovered that there are strands of those things! Comprehension dawned upon me. I realised what those things were.

Actually, it didnt take that long. All of the things which happened above took place very quickly. In actual timing, it only took perhaps around 2-3 seconds for me to realised what it was. What's more, i saw it at the library. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to stifle my laughter, especially after seeing his reaction when i told him what i was laughing at. He was trying to stuff it back up his nose for goodness's sake. Like, omgzxz.. 0.0

Haha. enough of the sick person already. Back to yesterday then. Went cycling at east coast with teckli, cherngjye, youming, sylvia and yanci. Quite fun actually, because the last time i went cycling with friends was around last year's december holidays. And i didnt cycle back then. I went blading. Ended up with some abrasions as a result. Its a pity we didnt decide to go to east coast park this time round. The length of Pasir ris park is simply too small for any real cycling fun.

All the same, it was quite a great day. Went to watch the sunset after cycling. Cherng jye, yanci and me were trying to determine the direction of the longshore drift. I spent quite a little time on that, in fact, cos it seems to be flowing from east to west. But after staring at for several minute, i realised that it was flowing from west to east. There are evidences of erosion on the west side to support that answer as well. Lol, i managed to apply SS and geography into my life. Not bad not bad! =D

Although it was not a cloud-free sky, the sunset was still quite beautiful. The way which the sun's rays get reflected off the clouds is magnificent. Too bad the camera cannot capture that image. But never mind, i took a picture of it with my heart. Remembered ms zahra talking about that 'taking a picture with your heart' in class. I think her email or lj's title is something like that.

Here are some pictures..

Check out the sun's rays streaming through the cloud. COOL! xD


More skies


Another sunset..

The following are taken by you ming..

actually, i think this one is quite nice. =)

this one's not bad as well

Tested out the ISO option on my phone. this is with ISO set to default

this is with ISO set to maximum. check out the difference.

not really sure who took this, but ahh, who cares..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dead beat

Ok, thanks to the MJC soccer trials, i've got:
1) an injured pinky (left hand)
2) even more sprained thumb (right hand)
3) scraped knee (from all the diving around for the ball) (left leg)
4) sore feet (again, from all the diving) (both feet)
5) semi-sprained wrist (left hand)

Yup, thats about it. Got 20 days exactly to recover myself so that i can get injured again. lol. Hopefully i wont be knocked around as much on the 25th.

About the trials then. From NAS, we've got amalul, deon, tzuming, gordon, jinliang, teckli, me and leping. And no, leping isnt there to play, she's there for fun. I actually arrived at MJ nearly an hour before the trials start (hey, i didnt know how long the bus will take to reach right? so i leave home early lor).

Played a match with another team. Quite boring actually, cos i am the keeper and my team is the attacking one. Who wants to guess how many times i touched the ball? Go tag your answer, i might give u a prize if u get it right. lols. After the match, you wont believe how i was abused; I was to stand at the goalpost, and wait for the MJC team to shoot at me. I was given 2 seconds to get up after every ball i dived for. So i was like, fly in this direction, get hit by the ball, get up, fly in that direction, get hit by the ball, get up, fly in this direction, get hit by the ball again, and blah blah for i dunno how long.

Looks like MJC arent Singapore's champion JC soccer team for no reason. Their ball will literally knock the wind out of you if u catch it. So i mainly just block. Lucky junyan lent me his gloves. If not, i think my hands will drop off. That was a joke. Ok, forget it. I know its not funny. Even i dun find it funny. >.<

I think i will go and rest now. Allow my injuries to heal. So bye bye..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello blog. Although today is the third day of the holidays, (for us sec 4's) it already feels as if its over. With all the homework, revisions and whatnots, how many of you out there call this a holiday? Planning to slog my guts out (not literally, of course) at the library this holiday to make my results better. Hopefully, it will work.

Actually wanted to blog [s]yesterday[/s] two days before, but unfortunately, just when i was about to blog, something cropped up over at Google's server. Gave up after half an hour of trying-and-not-succeeding. =.= When i was trying to post this post yesterday, my parents dragged me off to Giant. zZzZz

Okok, in chronological order then. {1/6/08}
Went for breakfast, as usual. I only remembered one thing from that day actually; When waiting for my parents to finish shopping for groceries, (we were at bedok) I saw this really heartwarming scene. There was this woman on a wheelchair who had just gotten off a car at the drop-off point. There were family members trying to get the wheelchair up the ledge fruitlessly. Many bystanders were staring at first, but some went forwards to help after a while. Whoever was the one who said that Singaporeans have no courtesy? That statement is totally errorneous, for goodness sake.

I dun remember anything on that day except for going to play soccer with SiYuan,Cherngjye and gang. Oh, and blogger screwed up, so i cant blog.

i was trying to post this particular post when my parents dragged me off to Giant. Didnt buy anything in the end. Went to ikea to buy some wooden planks to make a DIY shoe rack after the painters finished their jobs on the block.

(4/6/08) {today}
Went to library in the morning, as usual, with the exception of Shaiful joining me. Must be he pangseh his friends, cos got so many people calling him. lol. Met Jiayu there as well. Got the numbers of a few other people whom i know, but didnt have the chance to ask for thier numbers until now. (actually i didnt ask for Kent and Godwins' numbers, i self-service, use their phone to miss call mine. Expect for jiayu of course, cos i dun do such things to a girl cos i am gentleman-ly Besides, her phone wasnt in sight. xD)
Went to play soccer again after that, with shaiful joining. Lost my sock (again). And had to look for it in darkness (where's shaiful? xP).

(5/6/08) {tomorrow}
Going for DSA to MJC through soccer. All the bes to myself, teckli and gordon. Hope we all get in. =)

Take my hand tonight,
Lets not think about tomorrow,
Take my hand tonight,
We can find some place to go..