Monday, June 23, 2008

The first day of school is over! Finally too. It feels as i was at the school for 2 days. I swear the holidays didnt pass as slowly.

For me, going back to school has 2 main plus points.
1) Get to see my friends
2) Gets me into a studying mood

For some reason, i just cant seem to study much during the holidays. Yes, i can do some homework here and there, but i cant really go into hardcore studying mode. But now that school has started once again, i can finally go stick my nose into some book without getting distracted easily.

The day started out pretty well at first, but started to go downhill after around 1pm. It started off just like any other monday; With assembly. Assembly went quite well i must say, with that holiday announcement and skit. Even the grooming check was quite jolly, with phil being the butt of our jokes. What with his long sideburns, fringe and back and black socks. We (lawton, leon and me) were going " eh, 'cher look at his fringe, look at his sideburn and socks, haiyo.. must go cut la. where can so long one" In the end, phil got caught for nearly everything on his body, including his long fingernails, which we forgot to point out to the teacher. Too bad we didnt get a chance to show to the teacher his shoes had brown designs on it. xP

So blah blah blah till after lunch break. My brain got a little fuzzy after eating lunch. You know why? Disclaimer: Bio stuff coming up. Skip the next portion if u dun like bio

Because, when u eat, your body will channel more blood to the adominal area (namely the alimentary canal) so as to provide it with nutrients and oxygen to aid in digestion and absorbtion. The main nutrient that is used up by the alimentary canal in the digestion is glucose. The oxidation of glucose gives off energy, which is used for the cells in the alimentary canal to perform active transport and peristalsis. Hence, since more blood is channeled to the alimentary canal, less blood will be present in other areas of your body, including the brain. So, lesser blood present in the brain means that the brain cannot perfrom at its peak capacity, resulting in sluggish actions and retarded thinking after a heavy meal. Edit: note that it is NOT the blood itself which helps your brain to function well. It is the nutrients and oxygen in your blood which does that. Thank you. (:

So anyway, as i was saying, my brain got a little fuzzy after lunch. It wasnt that bad during bio, 'cause i still can concentrate on the lesson after making an effort to do so. (We learned about reproduction in plants.) But it got really bad during Emath EPP. I cant concentrate, i got really sleepy and stuff like that. I cant even solve sums which i know i can solve when my head is clear. That was how bad it was.

So, the moral of the story? Do not eat too much if you want to concentrate on something, be it lessons or whatever.

Edit: I am quitting all forms of entertainment from now on until end of O levels. I am quitting maple, private server included, as well as whatever else i am going to play. Nothing is going to make me join a new game right now. And no, i am not joking. However, i will still continue to blog. Or at least, up till around week 6 or so. After that, blog posts will be extremely infrequent and inconsistant, if not none at all. (:

Yay, i have come to the end of this post. You have my gratitude. =D

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