Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dead beat

Ok, thanks to the MJC soccer trials, i've got:
1) an injured pinky (left hand)
2) even more sprained thumb (right hand)
3) scraped knee (from all the diving around for the ball) (left leg)
4) sore feet (again, from all the diving) (both feet)
5) semi-sprained wrist (left hand)

Yup, thats about it. Got 20 days exactly to recover myself so that i can get injured again. lol. Hopefully i wont be knocked around as much on the 25th.

About the trials then. From NAS, we've got amalul, deon, tzuming, gordon, jinliang, teckli, me and leping. And no, leping isnt there to play, she's there for fun. I actually arrived at MJ nearly an hour before the trials start (hey, i didnt know how long the bus will take to reach right? so i leave home early lor).

Played a match with another team. Quite boring actually, cos i am the keeper and my team is the attacking one. Who wants to guess how many times i touched the ball? Go tag your answer, i might give u a prize if u get it right. lols. After the match, you wont believe how i was abused; I was to stand at the goalpost, and wait for the MJC team to shoot at me. I was given 2 seconds to get up after every ball i dived for. So i was like, fly in this direction, get hit by the ball, get up, fly in that direction, get hit by the ball, get up, fly in this direction, get hit by the ball again, and blah blah for i dunno how long.

Looks like MJC arent Singapore's champion JC soccer team for no reason. Their ball will literally knock the wind out of you if u catch it. So i mainly just block. Lucky junyan lent me his gloves. If not, i think my hands will drop off. That was a joke. Ok, forget it. I know its not funny. Even i dun find it funny. >.<

I think i will go and rest now. Allow my injuries to heal. So bye bye..

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