Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Okok, i realised that i have been blogging rather irregularly these few weeks. And to think that i used to blog nearly everyday when i first started this blog. I guess some of that enthusiasm is wearing off already. Nevertheless, i will still continue to blog until maybe around 3 weeks before prelims. So, do stick around, there is still plenty to see. Haha

I remember seeing something which made me laugh like crazy on saturday. You will never guess it. Its cherng jye's nose hair! I was discussing something with him at first, then when i looked up to his face from my book, i saw this thing sticking out of his nose. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be black. When i refocused my lenses on it, i discovered that there are strands of those things! Comprehension dawned upon me. I realised what those things were.

Actually, it didnt take that long. All of the things which happened above took place very quickly. In actual timing, it only took perhaps around 2-3 seconds for me to realised what it was. What's more, i saw it at the library. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to stifle my laughter, especially after seeing his reaction when i told him what i was laughing at. He was trying to stuff it back up his nose for goodness's sake. Like, omgzxz.. 0.0

Haha. enough of the sick person already. Back to yesterday then. Went cycling at east coast with teckli, cherngjye, youming, sylvia and yanci. Quite fun actually, because the last time i went cycling with friends was around last year's december holidays. And i didnt cycle back then. I went blading. Ended up with some abrasions as a result. Its a pity we didnt decide to go to east coast park this time round. The length of Pasir ris park is simply too small for any real cycling fun.

All the same, it was quite a great day. Went to watch the sunset after cycling. Cherng jye, yanci and me were trying to determine the direction of the longshore drift. I spent quite a little time on that, in fact, cos it seems to be flowing from east to west. But after staring at for several minute, i realised that it was flowing from west to east. There are evidences of erosion on the west side to support that answer as well. Lol, i managed to apply SS and geography into my life. Not bad not bad! =D

Although it was not a cloud-free sky, the sunset was still quite beautiful. The way which the sun's rays get reflected off the clouds is magnificent. Too bad the camera cannot capture that image. But never mind, i took a picture of it with my heart. Remembered ms zahra talking about that 'taking a picture with your heart' in class. I think her email or lj's title is something like that.

Here are some pictures..

Check out the sun's rays streaming through the cloud. COOL! xD


More skies


Another sunset..

The following are taken by you ming..

actually, i think this one is quite nice. =)

this one's not bad as well

Tested out the ISO option on my phone. this is with ISO set to default

this is with ISO set to maximum. check out the difference.

not really sure who took this, but ahh, who cares..

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