Thursday, June 19, 2008


Too bad, i was just starting to like it.. =.=
But thats nothing to celebrate about, since it means that the school term is starting and the prelims are coming.

SO, no more procrastinating, no more playing, and more studying, more revising and more chionging..

I just hope that i can practice wad i preach. Its not that easy you know? Sometimes, i just wish that things were as easy as i say they would be. But hey, there's no free lunch in the world. So we all gotta work for what we want, right?

ok, wadever, i am getting all naggy and stuff. Although it is the end of the holidays and the big O's are only ~4 months away, i am still a little in the dun-feel-like-studying mood. Gotta slap myself to reality if i still dun wake up soon (and no, i dun want any help with that). But i do want help in amath. (:

This week was really short. Gone in a blink of an eye. If only it had lasted longer..

Oh well..

Dun have anything to say..




ok, wadever..

I wish i could help u,
I wish i had more to say,
But words simply fail me when those times arise.
I really want to say,
i really want to tell,
But you are not here, i can only hear that echoes of my cries..

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