Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yay!! Haha.

The mood to study is really coming into me. Thats a good thing i suppose. No better time to have it than now. At the same time, i am also looking forwards to the 2 concerts this weekend. I guess thats the last of the fun which i am going to have for a long long time. So i'll try to enjoy the 2 nights as much as possible. =D

Started off with amath this morning. Didnt understand half of what mrs pong was saying until the last 10 mins of the lesson. Before that, i was reminded of my incompetence at amath by sylvia, who asked me how to solve a log question. Wasted like 15 mins thinking of how to solve it. Turned out that i cant solve it anyway. Looks like i need to brush up my amath. Fast.

Today was ownage day. First instance:
[removed, by the request of leping]
those who wanna know come find me. haha xD
Second instance:
During english. Jon was slacking around, doing nothing although there was work to be completed. Ms zahra comes over, "Jonathan, what do you think you are doing?"
Jon:, "erm, something.."
MZ: "this is my lesson, why are you doing other subject's work during my lesson?" (got chem stuff on the table)
Jon, " i never do! is at home do one!"
MZ, "You mean this is your homework?"
Jon, "Ya!"
MZ, "Ok, but you are supposed to be doing my work, and you are not doing it. I want to see something on your paper"
Jon, "....."
Owned. xD

Is it me, or are the teachers getting more edgy as well? o.0

Addicted to that laughter
Addicted to that smile
For that i would go the extra mile

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