Monday, June 30, 2008


Saturday: Tampines in Concert by Tampines Sec
Sunday: Tapestry by Ngee Ann Sec

For some reason, i seem to have enjoyed saturday more. More fun, cos i get to see the friends which i miss so much. =) To all from 6.7 '04: We should get together more often!~

Lets start with saturday first then.. i'll try to recall to the best of my ability (i tend to forget stuff).

Met joel and youming at 5.30 at north park bus stop. Quite a surprise actually, cos they suddenly pop up out of the blue. Went to tampines mrt to wait for marcel. He's late, as usual. xP no offence marcel. =D

Sat on the mrt to tanjong pagar. Saw this really nice cloud near paya lebar if i am not wrong. Its like one whole entire white wall against a otherwise cloudless sky. Beautiful. Everyone was like trying to get some snapshots of it. Attempted to get one myself, but unfortunately, with no thanks to trees and the concrete jungle out there, i cant get a clear shot.

Reached Singapore Conference Hall (SCH) and met up with yanjun and her friend there. We went to this balcony thing on the second floor since we had lots of time and also to get away from the crowd. Lo and behold, there was an airshow going on right at that moment. And when the planes drew a heart in the sky, everyone went like 'OMG! SO NICE!!' Quite sweet as well actually.

Credits to joel for taking this vid

That day isnt joel's day for using the vending machine. He got scammed of $2 while trying get a drink. Actually he was just trying to get a bottle of mineral water, but when he put the coin inside and pressed for the drink, nothing came out. The same happened when he pulled the coin return lever. So he tried a second time. This time, youming pressed the button. And guess what. NOTHING came out. haha. After that, joel said he was gonna get a coke before youming went to wack the mineral water's button ahead of him. Apparently, the vending machine isnt joel's "popular choice" anymore (the company which the machine belonged to was called 'The Popular Choice'). Tough luck, joel. =D

My personal favourite from the concert was a piece called "Mazama" by Jay Chattaway. Sounds really nice to me.

Went to have some fun after the concert. While doing so, i found out that height jokes were extremely funny. Especially if there are those vertically challenged ones around in person for you to laugh at. haha. And and and yan jun suspected that there was something going on between youming and joel. Personally, if i didnt know them, i might have belived that it was true, what with the same phone model and the way which they talked with each other. xD

After reaching tampines, we went to north park. While i was there, memories washed over me like waves on a beach. Thought of the time which we used to play there, the time which we still could have fun, the jokes which we shared and the games that we played. All happening there. Happy times those were.

I thought i knew what was stress back then, but on hindsight, i knew nothing.

Okok, i shall stop here before this post gets too emo.

As i was saying, we were having fun at north park. More jokes from joel (this time, its about something which cannot be said here). xD. Took some pictures and stuff like that before yan jun had to go home. Dispersed back to our respective homes after that with me sending yunjun home and joel doing the same for youming. Poor marcel went alone. =X

Oh ya, i found out that yunjun's had a cousin in table tennis. And she's none other than atikah. Totally caught me off guard there.. =.=

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