Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello! I am gonna make this one short. Partly because i do not have much to say. But also erm... okok, its just because i do not have much to say. Wanted to blog just for the sake of blogging. haha

Nothing spectacular today. In fact, i think its one of the longest days of my life. Went to the library to do amath early in the morning.. managed to solve a few questions which i cant solve yesterday, which really gave me a sense of satisfaction. Too bad that sensation didnt last long. Not too long after, i resumed building my sandcastle in the air..

It was when i was about to leave when i realised that sitting by the windows isnt too bad either. Better than sitting at the reference section at any rate. At least u had the view of the 'outside world' to entertain u when you are bored.. ok. i am getting random here. haha

actually, i think my temper have been a little short of late. I think its because the holiday (if you can call them holidays) are drawing to a close and i dun think i have accomplished much. I may have snapped at a few people unintentionally bacause of this, but i hope that you people understand that it was totally unintentional. Specifically, i think i would have to apologise to teck li for being a little sharp when he just smsed a simple question. And also to yanci and cherngjye for pangseh-ing them at the bus stop. Sorry, i just dun feel like going to the beach today.. Hope u all can understand..

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