Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello blog. Although today is the third day of the holidays, (for us sec 4's) it already feels as if its over. With all the homework, revisions and whatnots, how many of you out there call this a holiday? Planning to slog my guts out (not literally, of course) at the library this holiday to make my results better. Hopefully, it will work.

Actually wanted to blog [s]yesterday[/s] two days before, but unfortunately, just when i was about to blog, something cropped up over at Google's server. Gave up after half an hour of trying-and-not-succeeding. =.= When i was trying to post this post yesterday, my parents dragged me off to Giant. zZzZz

Okok, in chronological order then. {1/6/08}
Went for breakfast, as usual. I only remembered one thing from that day actually; When waiting for my parents to finish shopping for groceries, (we were at bedok) I saw this really heartwarming scene. There was this woman on a wheelchair who had just gotten off a car at the drop-off point. There were family members trying to get the wheelchair up the ledge fruitlessly. Many bystanders were staring at first, but some went forwards to help after a while. Whoever was the one who said that Singaporeans have no courtesy? That statement is totally errorneous, for goodness sake.

I dun remember anything on that day except for going to play soccer with SiYuan,Cherngjye and gang. Oh, and blogger screwed up, so i cant blog.

i was trying to post this particular post when my parents dragged me off to Giant. Didnt buy anything in the end. Went to ikea to buy some wooden planks to make a DIY shoe rack after the painters finished their jobs on the block.

(4/6/08) {today}
Went to library in the morning, as usual, with the exception of Shaiful joining me. Must be he pangseh his friends, cos got so many people calling him. lol. Met Jiayu there as well. Got the numbers of a few other people whom i know, but didnt have the chance to ask for thier numbers until now. (actually i didnt ask for Kent and Godwins' numbers, i self-service, use their phone to miss call mine. Expect for jiayu of course, cos i dun do such things to a girl cos i am gentleman-ly Besides, her phone wasnt in sight. xD)
Went to play soccer again after that, with shaiful joining. Lost my sock (again). And had to look for it in darkness (where's shaiful? xP).

(5/6/08) {tomorrow}
Going for DSA to MJC through soccer. All the bes to myself, teckli and gordon. Hope we all get in. =)

Take my hand tonight,
Lets not think about tomorrow,
Take my hand tonight,
We can find some place to go..

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