Friday, May 30, 2008

YAY! The much needed respite from the hectic school life is finally here. It is most unfortunate that we cant stay long at this pit stop though; There is still a race to complete.

Dun feel like blogging today actually, because i accidentally sprained my thumb. A sad case, really. =.= Actually, cherngjye, chun khin and I decided to go taupok weijie (at cca), then, while i was chasing after weijie, i sort of fell down. The worst thing was that i broke my fall with my thumb. Stupid right? Don't know why i did that. But anyway, my poor thumb can't withstand a dead weight of 60+kg. Sprained under the pressure as a result. It even hurt when i tried to play fatty's PSP. I mean, its a PSP. How much effort could you possibly require just to play a PSP? Not much, if not none at all (jeremy is a special case, as he can perspire like hell even if he was only playing a PSP). But even as i pressed the button for the car to accelerate, i can feel my thumb throbbing. -_- Now, i am attempting to get used to life without using my thumb. Not an easy feat.

Lucky the next 2 weeks no need to go to school. If not, teck li would be wanting to take his revenge on me for stepping on his injured toe by perhaps smacking my thumb or something. lol

I think i will end here today. Let my thumb rest and recover. =)

For some reason, this song just popped into my head. Really old, but really nice as well.
P.S. Pumbaa roxs. lol

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