Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today is Mother's Day, so...

to all the mummies out there (including mine, of course).
Went to library this afternoon go borrow some books and also to return the borrowed ones. The finished book was a book called 'The Cold Moon' by Jeffery Deaver. Its a pretty good book i must say. The plot has lots of twists, turns and unexpected happenings. Maybe i'll read more of Deaver's books from now on.
Borrowed an Idiot's Guide to Microbiology for some additional knowledge and also a fiction book called End Game by Dale Brown. Dun really know what that book was about, but just borrowed it cos the cover art looks nice (a scene of a dogfight) and the cover is not crumpled up like the rest of the books. Weird reasons to borrow a book, i know, but if you borrow a book which has a cover that looks as if its been through the mill, the library might just blame the damage on you for the sake of blaming it on someone. lols.
Think i'll go read the idiot's guide to microbiology now. It looks quite interesting. Byebye.. (=
Edit: sian, my paragraphings disappeared again. =.=

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