Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello ppl. Today was quite jolly right from the beginning to the end.

Dunno wads wrong with mr tan this morning. Got tongue-tied twice. Haha. Said 'police offers' instead of 'police officers'. I forgot wad was the other one, but quite funny also. Maybe is cos during exams, he didnt get to talk much, so he lost his ability to speak properly, momentarily.
Then there was this bunch of ppl from TJC advertising for some weirdo carnival at their school. The guy kept going 'COOOOOL', and his mike kept malfunctioning right at the exact moment he was about to say that. So he gotta say a at few times and make at seem so unnatural. But all the same, good one. It seems like the school suddenly wanted us to spend our money. They think we rich or wad sia, smack us with all the stuff that requires money at the same time. Firstly, got the tapestry, which costs $10, then there is the prom, which costs $60, and finally there is the weirdo carnival which costs $7. I doubt i will be going to the carnival la, but i feel like going to the prom and the tapestry. And that will be $70 gone. =.= Some more the tapestry is at Singapore conference hall, exactly one day after the Tampines sec concert. Exact same place as well la. So it will be like an entire weekend gone going to the Singapore conference hall for concerts.

Anyway, got back our Emath, Amath and chinese papers today. Emath wasnt too bad, seeing as it at least reached my requirements of an A. But for Amath ah.. Just scraped a pass on it. Just. lols. Eh, but dun laugh hor, at least i improved by 1 mark as compared to last year. >_<. Haha. Think we will be getting back my chem, geog and D&T paper tmr. I pin my humanities's hope on my geog, which i thought was fairly easy. Hope that the marks will be good as well. Went to play some boring soccer after school. Its boring cos i dun get to run around; i got stuck playing keeper for around like 80-90% of the time, i think. Some more the opponent not strong one lor, which is just about the worse thing that could happen if u want an exciting game la. Then when i finally got to run out to play a bit, i developed a blister. =.= Very sad sia. But at least my blister not pain la, unlike teck li's, who developed three blisters and all of which had ruptured during the game. lol. Even more sad than me. And he dam kancheong lor. I only said that his 'favourite person' sms him then he very scared liao. He thought i will anyhow sms back. =.= I was only holding his phone la. And honestly, do i look like that type of person? Of course not la, i so innocent la, pls. See the halo on my head? lols.

Okok, i think thats about it for today. Maybe i'll go jog at night if my blister doesnt get in the way too much. Or maybe i'll just stay at home to read about microbiology..

When you're gone, my heart stops beating,
When you're gone, it won't stop bleeding,
I could wait, I could wait forever..

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