Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hello blog. Havent posted in a while now. Since i've got nothing to do now, i'll just make a post.

This morning was, well, a little more interesting than the average sunday morning which i usually get. Went to the coffee shop to have breakfast. Then gotta faster go and chop seats since got lots of people. When i found an empty table and was about to sit down, this guy came and sat right in front of me. When i told him that the table was occupied, he stare at me and say: I come long ago already, you dun believe go ask that person *points to a stall*" Like, where got like that one? When you vacate a seat , how can you still say that the seat is still yours? Whats more, there is nothing on the table to indicte that it was already occupied la. But i dun want to let him ruin my morning, so i just went to the next unoccupied table lor. But i made sure he heard me saying 'where can like that one? vacate table means other people free to sit liao wad. ridiculous sia.'

Then when eating breakfast, got this annoying fly buzzing all around the food. Suddenly, it landed on my finger. Instinctively, i blew it off. But since reflex actions are made unconciously and it cannot be controlled, you cant blame me when it landed right smack in the middle of the bowl of noodle soup my grandmother was having. But luckily got some extra on another bowl, so still got food for her. Then my mother said the fly commited suicide. Reminds me of the Japanese kamikazes. lol

Going to the beach later, so maybe will update again... Bye bye for the time being then. (:

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