Friday, May 2, 2008

Do dreams come true? Has anyone of you out there experienced a situation whereby what you dreamt about actually came true? Dreams occur while we sleep. Scientific people speak of dreams as a characteristic of a stage of sleep called the rapid eye movement sleep while those who are more inclined to superstitions may say that dreams tell you of things which are to happen to happen. Well, i certainly hope that my dream can come true. If it does, it will probably be miracle. But hey, miracles do happen don't they? (:


Had e.geog exam this morning. I was quite nervous about it at first. Nervous until i feel like shitting. =.= Not a good thing to happen to you just before an exam i tell you. Does not help you in any way at all. Ultimately, it is damn distracting. Luckily, it pain stopped just before the question paper came. If not, i might be forced to excuse mysef from the start of the paper, which, on hindsight, is a bad thing seeing as i finished only at the last minute even though i started scribbling right from the beginning.

The paper wasnt difficult to begin with, seeing as i remember all the factors and examples and such. For the first time in 2 years, i feel that i can get a grade higher than C for my comb. humans. Lol, i know it sucks, but at least i am progressing right? haha. Anyway, my paper is in better shape than zu an and lay ping, who didnt manage to finish the paper. They lost at least 15 marks la. And the paper is upon 50. So thats like one huge chunk of marks simply just gone like that.

Went to library after that to study. For some reason, i am addicted to going to the library to study. The atmosphere there is great for studying. For starters, one of best reason which i can think of is that it isnt hot there. But somehow, i have no mood to study these 2 days. Yesterday was because it was hot and stuffy and the library wasnt open. Today, well, i think its cos of the dream i had the previous night. For obvious reasons, i wont tell the contents of the dream, and all that i am willing to say is that it is a nice dream.. (:

Reached home a little later than usual, cos of some people who took their time choosing a book. lol. Some more right, one of the particular person still borrowed a book under my name la. =.= To that particular someone, you know who you are, pls rmb to return that book on time hor. I want to continue having a good library record. haha. I very guai one hor, always finish my book and return it on time one. lols.

Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. (John Updike) (1932- )

I certainly hope mine cn come true. =)

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