Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whoo! Mother tongue intensive rocks!! wahahaha. =.=

Actually it doesnt rock la. Its downright boring. Thats for the first part of it anyway. It wasnt that bad after recess. Jessica and leping thinks its funny to make a butt appear on my star keychain by squeezing the bottom 2 legs together and holding them in place with the keychain ring. =.= Sadistic, horny people. zzz

Went for lunch at Tmall then went back to school for DnT after that. Sian, was going to finish my workpiece soon one lor, but then mr ong go screw my workpiece up by taking his time drill a hold through my acrylic rod. Result: acrylic rod melted due to heat produced from the friction of drill bit against rod. =.= In the end gotta redo the rod part all over again with a new rod. Luckily its only one minor part of my product which doesnt take long to redo. If its a major part, then i got nothing to say liao. Go bang the wall ba.. -_-

I think i'll go and write my compo now.. MT O levels is less than a week away. Must seize the opportunity given by mother tongue intensive to create some miracles.. Bye bye then..

Thought about how it could have been,
Remembering the days we shared..

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