Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HELLO! Feel so uneasy for not blogging so long. But at last, i can resume blogging. I will try to vivify my blog posts as much as i can, so as to improve my english and also to make reading this blog more enjoyable. =)

Instead of feeling energetic in the day (which i usually am), i feel rather weary. Perhaps its due to the lesser-than-usual amount of sleep i've been getting over the past couple of nights. Even when i saw a rat which had squished by a car(s), i still dun really feel interested. (than again, it might have been because of all the flies buzzing around it)

Learned all about gamete cells and placentas and umbilical cords during bio. The pictures shown were a tad bloody, but i think i am too tired to notice it much.

English was the best today. Got free jelly beans to eat. lol. Too bad i forgot to do my compre, if not, the box of jelly beans will be at my table all the time. haha.

Sian, dun feel like doing much today. Feel so exhausted. Thus, i shall end here. goodbye. =)

I love electrolysis. The topic is so easy to understand. i can see the 10 marks from the exams in my pockets already. (: But seriously, i really think that its quite simple. Just understand the flow of electrons enough already.

Went to Bugis with zu an after school ended to buy some electronics for DnT. Didnt realise that they (2 LEDs and a switch) were so cheap. They actually cost $0.85 in total. Even the trip there cost more money than the components themselves. =.=

Feel so exhausted until i dun want to do anything much. Thus, i shall end off here today. Goodbye. =)

Yeah, we've had our ups and downs,
But we've always worked them out,
Baby am i ever glad, we've got this far now.

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