Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Got back all the papers except bio (havent mark finish) and english (dunno whrs is teacher =.=).
The results are, well, mediocre. Not at all up to wad i expected, except for my combined humans. That particular subject(s) has jumped up my two grades to B4. So its not too bad la, seeing as my combined humans usually suck.

Best subject so far is D&T,which is A2. But even that is considered lousy la. Expected to get (at the very least) 3 Distinctions. But in the end only got 1. Guess wad mrs teh said was true; I have lots of potential, but i dun put it to good use. Fret not, from now on, i shall start practising, studying and revising. (: The lure of good results is far more attractive than the lure of fun. lols

Anyway, today was sort of like a roller coaster ride. plenty of ups and downs. First uphill ride of today was getting back the SS paper. Although i just scraped a pass on that subject, at least i got a 20/25 for the SEQ bit. Could have been higher if i had planned my time more properly. =.= Then, the mood went downhill after we found out that we cant get back our bio papers today (i was looking forward to getting it back). The mood went haywire after watching the video about child birth. Lets just say that the video wasnt anything like wad i expected. lols.

And and and, i found out how to play twinkle twinkle little star on the guitar. haha. Quite funny actually. Cos mr fong nvr come, so alot of ppl were asking the relief teacher to let us off early. Then i go bargain with the teacher saying that if i can play twinkle twnkle little star on the guitar, she will dismiss me early. So i went to try and play it. As a matter of fact, i did find out how to play it. But too bad she still wouldnt let me go. So gotta finish the story reading report in the end in order to get dismissed. Wasted 15 mins of my life trying to figure out how to play it. haha.

Oh ya, zu an told me this lame joke he heard on muttons at midnight. Its something like that la: One person from a secondary school was angry at the arcade personnel for not letting her play at the arcade cos she was in half-U. Then she go complain and complain and complain. Then one of the muttons said: Oh, i know why they dun let u play already. The girl asked why. Muttons reply: Cos u in half-U wad. Where got arcade let u play when you are half-naked?
Like, wth. Lame sia.. Then again, i've heard of stuff which are much more lamer than this, which is also by muttons. lol

Whatever it takes,
I am not gonna break
The promise that i made..

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