Thursday, May 8, 2008

After 2 gruelling weeks, its finally over. For think assesment, i think my MSG will be B3 or B4 sia. Not very close to my expectations, which is like A2 at the very least for most of my subjects.. =.= You can say that my expectations are high, but i think i can make it la. Cos i work better under pressure, so now not much of a pressure, so work produced maybe not as good cos i will slack around and such la.
Anyway, wad the heck la, MYEs are over and i am giving myself a little break. Just one or two weeks worth of some recreation. After that, it will be back to nerd mode in preparation for the eventual big exams.
Went to bowl after the last paper today, ok, maybe today's paper wasnt the last la, there is still the NE quiz tmr. But who studies for NE quizzes? lol. Did pretty badly for my first game. Bad as in didnt even reach 100. Highest score which i rmb i got was around 140 or something. But at least i improved in my second game. But so did everyone else. I scored the first strike of the whole game la, but after that, everyone started striking like nothing sia. Some more sylvia get double strike. -.- Take my lead away. zzz. As teck li said, 'She took away the lucky angel'. lols
And to teck li, i DO NOT suck at time crisis and silent hill. I am just unlucky cos sylvia took away my lucky angel. Haha. Eh, i step on the pedal to shoot then straightaway kena damaged liao leh. Didnt even have time to react la. So it isnt my fault. Blame it on sylvia for taking away my lucky angel and on the machine for being biased. lol
Walked back home from pasir ris after that. Took like nearly 40 mins la. From this, i found out that u cannot trust cherng jye's sense of time. Totally screwed up one. He said it would only take 15 to 20 mins la pls. I mean, like, which bit of 40 minutes sound like 15-20 mins? lol
Today was such a wonderful day. If only there are more days like this in my life. I will be a much happier person. Not to say that i am unhappy on the rest of the days, but simply that today was simply nice. =)
Edit: i left paragraphing, but for some unknown reason, its not showing up. i'll try to fix it ASAP. Sorry for ad reading inconvieniences caused.

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