Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am back!

Hi everyone. i finally decided to create a new blog after the old one died around 1 year back. hopefully, this one will last longer than the one before. pls leave ur links when u tag if its not already there. i got a little too bored today so i decided to waste some of my time creating this blog.

it wasnt a bad day at school today becos for some unknown reason, i feel happy. Feels a little weird though, being happy without a reason. but i dun mind if there are more days like today in the future. Remembered that during free period, leping, ivan, lawtion, sem, shai and me went to the benches outside staffroom to sit. then lawton sat beside me and started to get a little annoying. dun wanna elaborate much on that though. i think u all can imagine it ayway. i learned one thing during that free period though. that is sem looks like Chicken Little.

i think i'll stop here for today cos i cant think of anything more to write.. have a nice night..

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