Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blooood, sweat but no tears..

Of all the things i learnt today, the most memorable was that before you wanna donate blood, you should spam some water first. If not, your fingertips will feel kinda tingly near the end of the 450ml, and you experience some symptoms of shock (mainly distorted vision and slightly impaired hearing).

I experienced shock once during secondary school. And i experienced it (kind of) today when i didnt drink much water before i donated blood. But oh well, its better than fainting after donation..

And you have no idea how big the needle is. Its like, the biggest needle i ever saw, which is about 2mm in diameter la. 0.0 But at least a local anaesthesia is applied. lols

Now my left hand feel kinda decapitated. I cant move it without straining the bandage, and it kinda itches.. zzz

Oh well, i gave life, so its worth it. =D

I found out what ferrous fumarate is already. Its an iron salt of the fummaric acid, C4H2FeO4.
And Cyanobalamin (C63H88CoN14O14P) is a compund which has vitamin B12 activity.

Ok, so they are just compounds present in the iron supplement, but i just felt that i had to find out what they are. xD

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