Saturday, April 4, 2009

Camp Aperture

I like this one..

Note: This is not a case of water on the lens. Its just a 1/4000 shutter speed..
Same goes for this..
Mysterious bubbling? lol

I realised that i like taking pictures of stuff from a low perspective..
Didnt manage to catch the rest of the colours cos we rushed for the bus. Pity..

I'll post the light painting and perhaps some of the studio pictures up when i get them.

In all, the camp was a great experience, thanks to the EXCO, J2's and teachers. I learnt quite a bit, particularly about studio and flash photography. And the light painting was simply brilliant.

Marina Barrage was the best. So many thing to take. The only regret was that i cant go closer to the water without getting the camera wet. Oh well, i am not using the shockproof and waterproof Olympus, so too bad.. The overcast sky had both advantages and disadvantages. Pro: Survivable weather conditions. Cons: couldnt see sunset.

In the end, i still deleted around half of my photos at first glance, cos they suck. Mainly because there was hand shake and incorrect exposure.. Looks like i gotta pay more attention to my settings the next time..

Ok, time for bed. Still have a test to study for and 2 tutorials to complete tmr. Nights..

Pardon me if eveything sounds kinda unconnected. Thats wad sleep deprivation does to you..

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