Saturday, March 28, 2009


Went for VJC's Canon Expose this morn. It was both fun and boring at the same time.

Fun, because we got to try out Canon's top-notch L lenses (well, i only tried the 108mm macro, but hey, thats cool enough already). And also because i got to play with macro a lot (my favourite genre of photography =D). Oh, and not forgetting that everyone get to have a A4 size photo printed completely FOC. WHEE! hahas

A bit boring, cause of the talking bit. But hey, at least i learnt a few tips like the zoom burst and the rotating thingy to give the sense of motion.

And unfortunately, i didnt get to try out their telephoto lenses (those are the dua dua liap ones you see on the people doing sports photography). Pity..

And a few of the pictures..

Found an ant's nest. Abigial has a great shot of them. There were lots of them around when she took her photo..

One of my favourites of the day. FYI, the actual size flower is no bigger than a 10-cent coin, at most. I went in closer..

And got a frame filler as a result. Printed this one out in the end. But on second look, the previous shot was more able to bring out the diminuitive size of the flower, as compared to this one.

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