Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leading the leaders

Ok.. So i am back from the LEAD for leaders camp. Not bad.

Like the planning committee said: they couldn't have done it without us.
I totally agree. Without the '08 graduates, they would only have 6 people doing everything, and of which 2 cannot be facilitators because they simply have too much to handle already. And if that happens, there would only 4 facilitators to close to 60 participants. Thats a lot. =x

Well, i met plenty of nice people in addition to the handful of monkeys.. And i must say that i particularly enjoyed this facilitation. Enjoy it, not because the participants are like super high (yeah you ming.. you can stop cheering already, the camp's over.. xD), but because of the feedback they have given, showing that all the hard work hadnt been in vain.

I do not know why, but one unsual aspect which appealed to me the most in this camp was the debriefing sessions which the participants, and also that with the planning committee. I usually keep my feelings personal, but the debrief sessions with the PC has managed to squeeze them out of me. And i cant say that i didnt enjoy it.. It feels kinda nice to say so much "thank you's" and to contribute for the smoother running of the camp.

But on a lighter note, staying up in school till nearly 2am and showering under ice-cold water at 1am in the morning was fun. Sleeping for a max of 4 hours and but yet waking up completely refreshed was pretty cool as well. The best part was that i got to run around the school in the dark. Haha to those participants, who have to stay in bed sleeping bag. That's another reason as to why being a camp facilitator is so fun. =D

Ok, i think i got the Andrew Disease.. I just lost my train of thoughts..

What i really want to say is.. according to the first-aid book, a blanket is the cure for all ailments ranging from burns to heart attacks to having a pencil stuck into your head through the ear to a severed limb. Oh, and you have to smile when you are using the blanket. But believing it or not is up to you la. xD

Ok, thats all for the camp, since i cant remember wad else i wanna say (curse the Andrew Disease). Nights.

P.S. If you cant understand the 2nd last paragraph, its totally ok.. Inside joke of the facilitators la. Even Andrew and Wei Liang doesnt know about it.. Hahas. xD

Ok, i've remembered wad i wanted to say:
Teck li is some crazy hygiene freako who keeps insisting on showering (for heaven's sake, we're in a camp), and takes around 10 mins to style his hair, although it looks completely the same after that. And that bugger didnt stay around for the last, and best, debrief. Zao home with the participants.. Wth? =.=
And Sun-tanning at the MOE Changi Coast Adventure Centre (MOECCAC) is fun. And looking as the participants brave taufik's evil concoction was just as cool.. xD
Someone said: i came to this camp not for the leadership position, but for the participants.
It kinda touched me. And i have to agree that it is our responsibility to groom the next gneration of leaders. Reminds me of the saying of the saying 前 人 种 树, 后 人 乘 凉. So i guess that its our job to groom the next bunch of potential leaders to ensure that the people behind us are able to reap the fruits of our labour..
Wow.. my brain is semi-dysfunctional at the moment, yet i am still able to say this much. This camp must have left quite an impression on me. I guess i'll remember it for a long time to come... Oh well, just as well anyway..
Ok, i really dun think i've left anything out anymore. Sorry if everything in the Edit sounds weird. I am just typing what is on my mind at that moment, since i am really really really tired. So do pardon me if there doesnt seem to be any link between the paragraphs..
Oh, and hi to belle anne, if you have managed to find my blog and read this very very long post of mine.. Hope you enjoyed the camp as much as i did..
Right. I guess that's that.. Once again, nights..

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