Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where did all the time go?

Schedule for this holiday:

Monday: Go back to NAS as facilitator for the overnight LEAD for Leaders camp

Tuesday: Go home after the camp ends at 5. Rest for half an hour. Mug till night.

Wednesday: Wake up by 9am latest. Mug till noon. If time permits, go for 6.7 gathering. If not, continue mugging after lunch, all the way till night.

Thursday: Wake up at around 6.20am. Go back to NAS again for Project Winnie. Go home after it ends [15hours later (10.30pm)]

Friday: Wake up by 9am latest. Mug till noon. Have lunch. Go home continue mug till evening. Have dinner. Go mug again till night.

Saturday: Wake up by 9am. Go library. Mug till noon. Have lunch. Go back to library to mug. Have dinner. Go home and continue mugging till bedtime.

Sunday: Wake up in the morning. Go out with family. Leave home by 11 plus. Collect camera from MJ. Reach Jurong Point by 1pm for CIP. Leave at around 7. Reach some hotel in CBD by 8 plus for wedding dinner. Get bored till 11pm plus. Go home, sleep, get ready for term 2. =.=


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