Friday, March 6, 2009

Past, Present, Future

I just realised that even though i like my new JC friends very much, i am starting to miss my old secondary and even primary school friends.

The best people that i've known so far are in secondary school. Maybe i should name a few. For old time's sake.. (not in any particular order)

Zu An- God Of Math. lol. Total crapper and future Mat wannabe. haha
Si Yuan- the guy who grew like some freak and have nice muscles. Soccer with him is the best
TTY- no words to describe this guy. pure rubbish comes from him. never shuts up. xD
Jon- Yoooooo B**ch! xD
Chester- Nothing is too jolly for this guy
Sylvia- Her bones are made of rubber, i tell you. Can stretch like nothing.. Keep the chem questions coming. haha
Yanci- Claims that she's a first time skater, but totally doesnt act like one. Good with photoshop.. (teach me some time. I need it for cca. xD)
Si Hui- Small but explosive. LOL
Weng Lok- The one with a sexy DSLR, lots of sweets and smiles. HAHA
Ivan- Happy birthday to you in advance. Free periods FTW, xD
LePing- About the vertically challenged.. oops. xD
Lay Ping- horny volleyballer.
Shai- blackie wackie.. soccer is his life..
Sem- He-who-carries-several-blue-notes-in-his-wallet-and-looks-like-chicken-little. haha
Reuben- What's that smell. HAHA! =x

And many many more. Dun worry if i havent mentioned you, because the list wont end if i do. I remember my friends, so be rest assured that i wont forget you if you have made an impact in my life (approx. 95% of my friends do that).

Goodnight. =)

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