Thursday, March 12, 2009

At last, but alas...

Yay! The horrible term has finally come to an end! =D
Okok, although the term was very short, it has really been a one-of-a-kind-experience for me. The people whom i have met, the things which i have done, the lessons which i have learnt. What a variety. What an experience. No wonder they say that JC would be one of the most enriching times of your life.

But really, the life in JC is highly competitive. There is always another person better than you, be it in terms of academic or non-academic. Its quite a humbling experience. But of course, that just makes me work harder, to strive to be an elite.

The one thing good about MJ is that the teachers all care. Regardless of whatever background we have, they just want us to work hard, and achieve. I have lost track of the number of times where they have showed us examples of people who have made it, to motivate us; and also of those who have failed, to ensure that we do not follow in their footsteps.

I think that the teacher who deserves a special mention here is Mr Wong C.C. I think i would be hard pressed to say that he isnt good at teaching. Firstly he is good at teaching. He has the passion, and patience, for it. Black humour would form the majority of his jokes. And although we are usually the victims at the end of the barrel, nobody really minds, because we would be too busy laughing at it. Just today, he bought us free sandwiches and drinks to ensure that we didnt feel too hungry during the make-up SPA. In addition, not that anyone of us minded, he actually apologised for making us stay back for SPA (SPA is actually supposed to be tmr, but since there isnt any school tmr..). But i am sure that everyone was happy to oblige with what he wants us to do. I definitely am.

So much about the enriching JC experience. Everyone at work, and play, at their best. One term has gone by, and the holidays are here. But alas, holidays are not what they are..

Its been a while since i typed this much. Took me around 1 hr.. Goodnight.. =)

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