Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new

Yay! Photog has a new clubroom!

So.. thanks to the previous batches for putting in all the pain, sweat and tears to make photog into such a successful club. And also Ms Lai for the instant approval of the new room, and Mr Cheng and Ms Koh for well.. everything. And yesh, we rock. =D

Highlights of new room:
1) Permanent studio
2) Parquet flooring
3) The air con doesnt smell funny
4) Wayyyyy longer and bigger and wider than the old one
5) Great view of the ____ (<<< make a guess)
6) Bet nobody else except the teachers and us know where the room is (the "Photography>MJC" sign is not there anymore. Sadly.)

Too bad's:
1) No food and drinks allowed inside (cos of the parquet flooring.. =.=)
2) No shoes either, again cos of the flooring, so the room is gonna smell funny during the meetings.. =.= (so much for the air con. zzz)

Oh well. The guys did put in considerable effort in shifting the metal cabinets, weighing >100kg apiece, and also the printer, which was even heavier, in addition to it costing 10k. =.= Too bad there weren't any trolleys around which could withstand that weight. Oh well, its good training for the muscles anyway. I think mine has grown slightly bigger since. o.0

Ok, back to work. Have a nice night.

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