Friday, March 6, 2009

Relief? I think not..

Ok, JC tutors are masochistic. The words "break" and "rest" aren't in their vocabulary at all, and they deprive their students of them as well. =.=

Agenda for the weekend 2 non-school days:
1) Study for Geog test
2) Do GP AQ
3) Complete Math Tutorial 4 from scratch
4) Learn Maclaurin's Series via IVLE
5) Finish Chinese compo
6) Revise for Chem
7) Revise for Bio
8) Revise for Math

Out of those 9 points, i think the first and last are important. I definitely would do (1), but i wonder if i have time for (9) after everything.. =.=

No wonder that those tutors keep saying that A levels stands for "advanced" levels instead of "average" levels. But then again, it would be too bad if it just stood for "average" levels, would it? lol

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