Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mini PAP

Politics. Something which i have totally no interest in, but yet i find myself deeply bogged down in its mire, unable to escape from its deadly clutches.

Of course, the politics which i am caught in is nothing close to the national scale, but still, rally speeches and elections which i have gone through definitely fall under the same accursed category.

Never have i ever imagined that i would get to experience (and also learn in GP) about politics at such a young age; I do not plan to get sleepless nights pondering about which party/person to vote for. Neither have i ever worried about what i would want to say in order to get a position. And neither again have i ever thought about what would happen should i cast a wrong vote. But today, apparently, i struck gold. =.=

But on a lighter note, the rainbow comes after the rain. Relief came to me in the form of knowing that i would not get selected (thanks to my sucky speech). And i kind of surprised myself (slightly) when i discovered that i actually feel better when i put the burden i had placed on myself down. I know this is paradoxical, seeing as i am usually the type of person who usually sees things through to the end. This usually doesnt happen, but today is a special day.

To lighten things up even more, watch the following clip (it was shown during the break time of the elections...)

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