Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well, today sure was one of the more interesting days of the year.
Had to wake up at 5.30 to report to Jurong East to do CIP for Red Cross (Photos of flag day. Yeah, they wanted press coverage, so they asked us.. Press coverage leh..) 

Actually, half the day went by with me only taking around 5 photos thanks to my (wrongly chosen) lenses: 50mm prime and 10-22 ultra wide angle. I mean, if you wanna take shots of ppl outdoors, you better have at least a short range telephoto lens ready. 3 quarters of the people ran away before i got close enough to get a decent photo. And if you add in the distortion caused by the 10-22, photos=rubbish.

I actually got mistaken for a stalker by 2 women at Chinatown when i was following this bunch of girls around. I mean, wth man, i don't stalk. And anyway, wad kind of a stalker uses a wide angle to stalk? A mid to long range telephoto would be more appropriate. =.=

The cool bit of the day happened when Edmund Chen came around and helped out for like 40mins or so. For that period of time, i felt like a reporter. In the end, i decided that perhaps photojournalism isnt as bad as i initially  thought it would be. 

Ohoh, when the whole thing ended, i went to join the bowling ppl (who were coincidentally helping out RC as well) at plaza sing. While slacking around and complaining about aching foots, this bunch of ppl from HPB came over and asked us to play a game of tin can soccer as part of an awareness program to make ppl keep fit in creative ways. Yup, we're asked to play with a crushed tin can in the middle of the town area with a whole bunch of onlookers in school uniform. Wad made us gave in was the offer of a pair of free movie tickets for each person that played. 
That made jessie go: EH! Got free movie ticket leh! PLAY LEH!
While the rest of us was like: lolwut.. o.0

In the end, we did get our free movie tickets, and everyone went back happy. The end. 
Sorry if this post sounds disjointed. My legs are dead form walking around with a heavy bag for 12 hours, and so is my brain, from waking up at 5.30am on a weekend. 

P.S. I've got a pair of free movie tickets. Any takers? My treat. xD

Ragh, i'll upload the pictures next time..

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